Today marks Africa Union Day, otherwise known as “AU Day” which is the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity on 25 May 1963.

The day which was officially launched on 9th July. 2002, is celebrated in various countries on the African continent, as well as around the world.

It draws more attention to the composition and meaning of African Unity in the face of events relating to Africa bearing on the rest of the world.

Although the theme for this year’s celebration is “Year of AfCFTA: Acceleration of the African Continental Free Trade Area Implementation,” – there is a cancerous growth in the bossom of Africa for which a serious surgery is required.

The celebration of Africa Union day, will remain less important to the very nations that composed the African Union today, leaving a lot to be desired if the significance of the day will become trivialized on the very basis for which the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) was formed and metamorphosed into African Union (AU), on July. 9, 2002.

A serious case in point is the Union of Western Togoland and Ghana which was the first Union (though false) declaration accompanying the liberation of African States which began with the independence of Ghana.

The falsehood of that Union has ever since been brooding sinister and obnoxious deterioration of human dignity toeing a path similar to what is going on in the Ambasonian region of Cameron today.

We would not have to discuss here the series of events there but whoever cares can google it up for further reading and reference.

The Southern Cameroon crisis would not have been with us today if the African Union had been bold enough to jettison all hidden colonial agenda and threats and taken the necessary steps to save the situation in time.

Similar to the observation of the Brazilian President Lula da Sillva: “If the UN Security Council had the strength to negotiate, we might not have a war between Ukraine and Russia – We need a serious institution that has the weight and the power to make decisions. And on the climate issue, that’s also important.”

Today, Western Togoland is gradually being reduced to a small enclave being prepared to be wiped out of the planet and make way to plunder the natural resources thereof even without any regard to the daring consequences of environmental and humanitarian calamities, with the African Union remaining a loquacious conglomeration of colonial stooges chanting lullabies to the drowning masses.

As today marks the African Union Day, the Peoples Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland wishes to remind all members of the AU that, the celebration or commemoration of this day is a serious indictment on the integrity of the leadership of all member states as well as all their civilised citizens, if no meaningful step is taken now in order to restore African dignity in Western Togoland and restore the freedoms and liberties to it’s people.

Western Togoland could not have made this appeal to the African Union because she is not a registered member of the AU.

But if the African Union cannot voluntarily call a member state to order in order to prevent future crises that have the potential of distabilizing the continent, but remains silent and slumbers for arms dealers and looters of resources to keep controlling them from other continents, it must be considered a curse to be called an African.

The celebration of the AU day will continue to remain a mirage and only a talk shop signifying nothing and with no meaningful significance to the citizens of the continent.

Let’s remember that “a stitch in time saves nine,” and the earlier our leaders took the necessary steps to find a permanent solution to the Western Togoland issue, the better it will be for all member states in the AU, and the citizens of the continental body.

Issued by the Communications Bureau of the People’s Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland.


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