ANNOUNCEMENT: Good morning fellow countrymen. The PLC Secretariat is very grateful to you all who have contributed to the cause of Western Togoland liberation struggle in one way or the other. We seriously appreciate every support given us at each level of our movement. May your efforts yield the best fruits of the millennium,
The PLC Secretariat is grateful  to you all for your donations into the Mobile Money account number 0552915158 of NICHOLAS COBBY for supporting the PLC.
As an administrative principle of the PLC, we need to account for all contributions however small they may be. We also want to widely acknowledge receipt of all donors to PLC programmes.
The PLC Secretariat is therefore requesting all individuals who have contributed any amount of cash into any account or per any other means to let us know by text or WhatsApp messaging the Finance Office of the PLC Secretariat on 055 2915158 and 0244682520 for account reconciliation.
Please, this favour will enhance probity and accountability, and leave a better record behind for generations to come, kindly state your name, the amount contributed, the name of who received it and the purpose for which the amount is contributed and the date on which payment was made. You may indicate if you would not like your name be published. But we would like to have accurate records. Please help us to honour your volition.
Thank you all.
S. G.
PLC Secretariat.
People’s Liberation Council of Western Togoland
Western Togoland.

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