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MR. BEN KOSSI ADELI, the Chairman of the  PEOPLES LIBERATION COUNCIL OF WESTERN TOGOLAND HAS indicated in a panel discussion at Majesty T.V.  Program in the Neitherlands today that the creation of Oti Region has not taken a square inch away from Western Togoland now. One can recall that Western Togoland has undergone many administrative divisions since the time of the British but Western Togoland is still there for the people. The British once administered a part of the English speaking Togoland as Northern Togoland, another part Southern and even called another, South-Eastern Gold Coast which immediately before independence, Britain corrected by merging it with the so-called Southern Togoland and named it Trans Volta Togoland not  Trans Volta Gold Coast. The truth stand that parts of Western Togoland were canibalized to service nearby regions of Ghana but the charter of the A.U. charter demands that all countries must hold on to their boundaries at the attainment of independence. And Ghana being a founding member of the African Union will not disrespect the convention of her pride.

So the chairman is calling to Western Togolanders not to panic even if the current government of Ghana splits any part of Western Togoland into ten or more regions and give it any other name. He noted that the division of Volta Region in particular has brought hatred among people who, before then, were living together in harmony.

This is a serious mistake the government has made because while we are still yet under Ghanaian colonial administration the area is already becoming ungovernable and government armed men have started killing and other lawless activities in the ares. Some people have developed hatred fo each other because of the creation of Oti Region. It is Ghana government’s duty to resolve the problems caused by this wrong decision encourage petition from the Oti enclave and other parts of Western Togoland which she categorically knows is not constitutionally a territory of Ghana.

In this interview, the presenter kept repeating the question why was it that Western Togoland has kept quiet for the past sixty and over years and then demanding seccession now.

The fact is that, this is no secession but a call for REGULARIZATION of what went wrong. Actually, there had been many attempts but all the ruling governments have been suppressing the agitation since 6th March 1956. And now the youth are saying, enough is enough. The marriage is only sixty-one years old. We must no longer endure it wait till it is a century or two before we call for a review of the Terms of Reference (TOR) concerning the UNION of Western Togoland and Ghana.

You can watch the discussion on the youtube address below.

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