Mr. Divine Odonkor, the Secretary-General of the Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland has urged citizens to stop accusing politicians and rather intensify their sensitization to every household of Western Togoland because, according to him, the politicians will voluntarily discuss the issue in parliament if the issue becomes a popular demand of the people they represent.  He therefore called for the formation of civil society groups in every community to be engaged in community development activities without waiting for a one fine day to start exercising the amount of the liberty they have. In his message to the Concerned Citizens of Western Togoland, read on his behalf at this year’s First General Meeting, he expressed a series of reminders to the youth which included the PLC principle of nonviolence. He reminded the youth that the PLC is there for all groups and individuals and not a rival of any group. He called for the formation of sports and cultural groups to promote health and recreation in Western Togoland. He also cautioned citizens not to attach Ghana government despite the lots of provocations. He hopes the stone heart of Ghana’s current president will be softened to accept the path of peace and harmony.

The Secretary-General encouraged the youth that the delay of legal procedures must be likened to the delay of rains which rather provides more chance for field preparation towards planting. He said they should therefore make use of the delay by preparing the minds of the people for self rule and harmonious coexistence with Ghana.

He also relayed greetings from the Chairman and gave explanation on the name WESTERN TOGOLAND as all of TOGOLAND that is not the French Speaking one on the east which is now called the Republic of Togo. He stated clearly that The people have the right to call themselves the geographical name even after many colonial ramifications of Western Togoland came and passed away.


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