In hospitals OXYGEN is administered as  health support at the rate of about GH₵15.00 per hour for adults and around GH₵10.00 per hour for children.

If adults were to be placed on oxygen for a whole day; the bill will be GH₵360.00, and for a month the amount will  become GH₵10,800.00. For one year; it will be GH₵129,600.00.

In nature green plants, during the process of photosynthesis, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and  freely exhale OXYGEN which is needed by humans and animals, to sustain themselves. OXYGEN is needed to support fuels in engines and fire places. OXYGEN is needed to unite with two parts of hydrogen to form water. And you all know the importance of water. OXYGEN alone has a lot to do in this creation but plants are necessary for us to get them freely.

Most plants need pollinators to reproduce. By the wise order in creation bees have been unconsciously doing pollination as their major activity in creation.

Oh man justify your stewardship over this planet.

Happy World Environment Day.


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