New Executives Of The Exi Chapter In Photo With Education Team Member Raymond Nukpor

New Executives Of The Exi Chapter In Photo With Education Team Member Raymond Nukpor

P L C   O P E N S   N E W    C H A P T E R S

The Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland has opened new chapters of Concerned Citizens of Western Togoland in Exi Kakame, Exi Anyiwome and Exi Biase all in Ketu North Municipal Assembly, The new executives of the chapters lead by Dr. Isrealnyame of Exi Biase were inaugurated by Mr. Raymond Nukpor in a simple ceremony at Exi Community Market Square at 4:30pm followed by a Video Presentation of the Mineral Resources and the Structure of the PLC with the advice to the people to make use of the least amount of liberty they have in securing all the rest that they deserve.

He explained to community members that it is the policy of the PLC to respect Article 8 of the U.N. Trusteeship Agreement which reserved the land and mineral resources for the appropriate authority of the people and stressed that so long as there is an agitation for self government in Western Togoland the appropriate authority  is not yet in place to authorize the exploitation of the mineral resources.

Mr. Raymond Nukpor member of the PLC outreach team has told the groups that the motto of PLC is “LIBERATION AND DEVELOPMENT” and therefore the purpose of organizing chapters of Concerned Citizens is to engage them in Mass Mobilization for Liberation and Development.

He therefore called on the new leaders to target some development projects they can easily undertake and relay their progress reports to the PLC Secretariat at Ho every month. He also tasked them to make sure they extend the sensitization into as many new communities as thay can every month.

On when Western Togoland would become independent, he said Western Togoland is already free to become independent but they lack state power because they need a constitutionally backed government to exert state power. He said it is the process of establishing a constitutionally elected government for Western Togoland that the PLC is facilitating and therefore calls for the commitment of all citizens to patriotic dynamism without any form of violence that may jeopardise the future of subsequent generations.

He has extended the profound felicitations of the PLC Secretary-General to the Chiefs and all Traditional Leaders of the land and appeals for patience of citizens in their relationship with Ghanaians with the knowledge that with the PLC, Ghana and Western Togoland are going to develop a masterpiece of collaboration the world will learn to copy.

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