The formation of the PLC in Ghana is  facilitated by the PLC Secretary General in accordance with the strategy adopted by the Steering Committee to promote development and integrity of Western Togolanders, home and abroad.
The following set of principles, according to the Mr. Divine Odonkor, the Secretary General, is an extract from the yet to be published “Charter of Evolution” to guide citizens into the understanding of the nature of PEOPLES’ LIBERATION COUNCIL OF WESTERN TOGOLAND (PLC) in general.
Article 1.1
The name of the organisation shall be Peoples’ Liberation Council or PLC for short
Article 1.2
 Secretariat & Headquarters
The PLC Secretariat shall be operated from Ho as part of the PEOPLES’ LIBERATION COUNCIL (PLC) WESTERN TOGOLAND head quartered in the Netherlands.
Article 2  Aim and Objectives
Article 2.1 Aim:
To develop Western Togoland as a prestigious nation
Article 2.2 Objectives
Article 2.2.1 To mobilise the masses for participation in  development programmes of Western Togoland.
Article 2.2.2 Specific objectives are to promote education, advocacy, development and gender issues.
Article 3. Organs of the PLC
The initial organs of the PLC are:
(a) The PLC Secretariat
(b) The Central Coordinating Committee  (with various subcommittees)
(c) The Council of Elders
(d) The External Agencies
(e) The Grassroots Organizations
Article 4. Composition of the Organs.
Article 4.1 Membership of all Committees shall be  by invitation upon recommendation by existing members of the Central Coordinating Committee.
Article 4.2 The Central Coordinating Committee shall be made up of individuals invited by the Chairman to serve  upon recommendation by the Steering Committee
Article 4.3 There shall be a Secretary General appointed by the Steering Committee of the Central Coordinating Committee.
Article 4.4 The Steering Committee shall Comprise of the founders of the PLC and persons co-opted by the founders.
Article 4.5 Membership to the Council of Elders shall be by invitation from the Chairman of the PLC.
Article 4.6 External Agencies:
The Chairman shall appoint a Coordinator for External Agencies who shall see to the Coordination of activities of all external agencies.
Article 4.7 Grassroots Organizations:
The Chairman shall appoint a Coordinator for mobilisation of grassroots organizations for execution of the PLC agenda
Article 5 Meetings:
Members of various organs shall decide the means and mode of their meetings and communicate their operations to their  various Coordinators.
Article 6 Reports:
There shall be  regular reporting of events from all Coordinators to the Secretary General for filling at the Secretariat and submission at the necessary levels.
Article 7 Funding of PLC:
Article 7.1 The PLC shall be run on fundraising activities, donations and contributions of committed individuals and organisations sympathetic to the PLC cause.
Article 7.2 Surplus
All surpluses of funds  shall be deposited into a special account for ploughing back into promotion of PLC  activities to be agreed upon by the Steering Committee of the Central Coordinating Committee
Article 7.3  Launching of funds
The Secretary General shall be empowered by the Steering Committee to launch funds for specific purposes as may be required for the benefit of all.
Article 8 Documentation:
There shall be full documentation of all (including financial) activities of the PLC  to be kept at the PLC Secretariat.
Article 9  Bank accounts
Article 9. 1 All monies of the PLC shall be channelled through the bank.
Article 9. 2 Signatories to any of PLC’s bank account shall be supported by a resolution involving the Secretary General, a Director and some members of the Central Coordinating Committee.
Article 10  Resignation, Termination and Vacation of Posts.
Article 10.1  An individual may withdraw from the service of the PLC  by writing to the Chairman of the Central Coordinating Committee thru’ the Secretary General at the PLC Secretariat.
Article 10.2. The Secretary General shall be empowered by the Steering Committee to withdraw the services of a functionary if the Committee find it necessary.
Article 10.3 The services of a Coordinator may be withdrawn by notification from the Secretary General upon a conclusion drawn from a meeting between the said Coordinator and the Steering Committee.
Article 10.3 An immediate superior may cause a vacated post to be temporarily filled until the return of the office holder or a replacement is effected by the order of the Chairman and the Steering Committee of the Central Coordinating Committee
  these articles shall be discussed by the Central Coordinating Committee and endorsed by its Steering Committee in consultation with the Council of Elders whenever deemed necessary by the Steering Committee.
Article 13 Promulgation
These articles form an Integral part of the Charter of Evolution of the PLC promulgated on the 6th day of March, 2018