The Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland has initiated a series of activities for creating environmental consciousness among the Peoples of Western Togoland. After celebrating the World Wildlife Day at the PLC Secretariat in Ho, a programme of activities was designed to engage communities in good environmental governance and gainful landscape management practices. Kpedze is the first outreach slated for 12th and 13th of April this year.


The initial messages that accompanied the video documentaries were going down well into the hearts of the public before the Programme, agreed upon by the chiefs and opinion leaders of Kpedze and duly communicated to the District Commander of Police who also gave the go ahead, was disrupted by power drunk government forces who in their misuse of power, arrested and detained the Secretary General of the Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland and his team of educators for no cause.

The crowd was building up uncountably fefore the Programme was disrupted by some retrogressive men of power but the import of the initial part still remained the talk of the town the following day.

PLC has identified a number of projects to be promoted to make Western Togoland a noble state. Among them is organic agriculture and climate smart technologies.

The Secretary-General of the Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland, Mr. Divine Ocquaye Odonkor,  told participants at the evening video documentaries show at Kpedze over the weekend that appropriate agricultural practices will yield them more health and wealth than hoping to rely on  mineral resources.

Showing a video film on beekeeping, he said one bottle of honey is 150% the cost of one gallon of petrol and does not need expensive foreign technology to produce. He believes Western Togoland could be the highest producer of honey and wax because all the ecological zones of Western Togoland favour beekeeping. Showing a documentary on how beekeeping is used for pollination he stressed that crop pollination is the main reason that bees were created and for that reason if farmers will desist from using inorganic pesticides for the bees’ sake their crops will yield higher and be safer for consumption and therefore will also attract better market home and abroad.


He also pointed out, using another example of cultivating peanuts in a cashew plantation, that good agricultural practices are what the people need in every community if they want to become self sufficient. He said money is flowing around them and they need not sit down waiting for independence before starting to work otherwise the decoupling of Western Togoland will rather yield negative results.


The PLC believes in the human resources of Western Togoland which if harnessed appropriately, will make Western Togoland a noble state above many countries of the world.


The Secretary-General expressed the need to maintain the natural resources, especially the water courses and the forests for the health benefits they give mankind. He emphasized the fact that had there been no green plant on earth, there would have been no oxygen to keep life growing on earth. He therefore appealed to the community members to prepare to mark the coming World Arbor Day, World Environment Day and World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought with memorable activities like tree planting and clean up campaigns. On environmental hygiene, he told the people of Kpedze that the waste management company, ‘zoomlion’ or the Government of Ghana can never manage the waste they generate if they themselves do not take up the management of their environment as it used to be during the time their grandmothers were sweeping their homes and streets. He also called for competition among schools and school children to find the cleanest school compounds and the neatest homes as well as the most hygienic communities in Western Togoland.


Another aspect he stressed on is waste management which he said the zoomlion has failed from the onset because they discouraged waste

separation by collecting all forms of garbage together for disposal instead of separating the waste for recycling.  He said school children must be thought compost making in order to make better use of organic wastes from their homes.


It was unfortunate that the Programme was halted by the immigration service and police for no apparent reason.

The Secretary-General, however, hoped that politicians would stop terrorising the people for the mere mention of the name WESTERN TOGOLAND.


When contacted as to why he used the name of Western Togoland which no longer exists, he said his current geographical focus is Western Togoland for piloting the Programme and if one is free to take his grandfather’s name even after the old man died, then Western Togolanders must not be harassed for calling themselves so. He said “there is a company in Ghana called Gold Coast Securities and we are also called  Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland, there is no crime in that”.


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