We publish below the presentation made by Mr. Seth Mifetu, the host of the Western Togoland Situation Room at Trend Africa TV on Saturday, 20th February, 2021 in the series:

“Questions and Answers on Western Togoland ”

As usual they are questions encountered by the presenter and other PLC educators and answers given during the various discussions. Some are direct questions of viewers reserved from the program for later sharing.

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Q. The organisation PLC was talking of decolonization of Western Togoland but how do you reconcile this with the union agenda?
A. A state that is in union with another state is naturally decolonized. They can Beth enjoy their coexistence in a noble manner than one acting as an occupational force and the other as a subject. All parties shall then joyfully honour their commitment to the advancement of their mutual development. This is what the PLC is advocating for.
Q. You linked your decolonization agenda with the U.N. Decade of Decolonization. How far have you achieved it?
A. We have achieved liberating the minds of many from expecting radical change without internal self determination. More people are now understand us that it is the mad rush for state power which has driven Ghana and others into their current neocolonial shackles.
The agitation of Western Togolanders is due to the abuse of their rights but we must to lay the roadmap before them in order to prevent unconstitutional actions. That is why we had to use the U.N. target as a yardstick for the people know the difference between where they stand and where they must be.
Instead of the mad rush for state power, we believe that internal self determination is needed to free both Ghana and Western Togoland. Thus, a pragmatic decolonization process shall bring the most beneficial freedom to both Ghana and Western Togoland
The current competition for insincerity among the citizens of the union of must cease.
Then Ghana and Western Togoland shall together enjoy the real fruit of a noble union.


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