In this video above, the discussion between the host and Messiers Mifetu and Geraldo, PRO and Vice Chairman respectively of the People’s Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland, was about the necessity for implementing THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE as indicated by the plebiscite results of 9th May 1957.

This was done in commemoration of that wonderful referendum termed PLEBISCITE as if the people of British Togoland or
Western Togoland were PLEBEIANS struggling to dine with patriarchs.

That aspect of the issue is however, not being discussed here. What is more important here is the need to sanctify the UNHOLY MARRIAGE (UNION) between Western Togoland and Ghana.

The fact is that, there is no laid down guidelines on the Union of Ghana and Western Togoland, anybody can just decide to do anything against his neighbour.

This has been so since 1957. Any Acheampong- like president can decide to pass any decree forbidding people of Western Togoland from going about their lawful duties and responsibilities further denying them of their identity as bonafide citizens in national programs beneficial to both Western Togoland and Ghana.

The Union- like marriage is supposed to be enjoyed but as it is now, it is rather being endured.

At The First European Conference on Western Togoland held in the Netherlands on 22nd December 2018, we gave the parable of the insincere slave master. (You can visit our website: for details).

The sum of that analogy is that BRITAIN FAILED TO ADMINISTER THE UN TRUST TERRITORY (WESTERN TOGOLAND) TO BECOME SELF RULING as agreed, so she requested for a marriage between Western Togoland and Ghana.

The United Nations(UN) inquired from British Togoland or Western Togoland to make her own choice. That was the plebiscite of 9th May 1956.

Western Togoland chose UNION with the Gold Coast when it becomes independent.

Even after Western Togoland indicated her willingness to go into the UNION, Kwame Nkrumah took over British Togoland or Western Togoland by force of arms instead of going through the necessary arrangements.

He supervised the killing of many innocent citizens on the streets of Kpando, Alavanyo, Nkonya, Hohoe, Taviefe, Hordzo,Kpedze,Ho,Amedzofe,Fume and many towns, and chased a lot of traditional rulers into exile.

Thus subduing Western Togolanders under Ghana’s occupational pressure.

Insincerely, Britain closed her eyes over that dastardly, heinous crime and deceived the whole of the United Nations that the UNION was established. Sequels to that wicked drama are still with us today.

An example is how Ghana’s police and security personnel recently just entered Alavanyo and killed as much people as they wished. What Ghana could do was just to transfer the officer in charge to another region, and then the case closed.

You can also recall other crisis in Dagbon and other parts of British Togoland which could be avoided if a proper UNION arrangement was made between the government of Ghana and that of Western Togoland or British Togoland.

Not that alone: Western Togolanders are enduring a lot of humiliation under the unequal yoke of Ghana in all aspects of public and private life.

Incidentally, this episode was hosted by A WOMAN. She can understand how a woman becomes demoralised under a situation like the unholy marriage between Western Togoland and Ghana .As a woman, if you have accepted a proposal to be married to a gentleman and he later forcefully eloped you without going through the necessary marriage processes, can you justify this as a marriage? NO!
Now there are many instances where the offsprings of Western Togoland are being handled as illegitimate Ghanaians. This is why there are lots of agitations for seperation.

But the Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland says it is better to regularize the UNION than to break away from the Ghana we have diligently built together. And we cannot also pretend everything is fine.

We believe that Union is the ultimate struggle of all African countries. And the UNION OF GHANA AND WESTERN TOGOLAND could have been a leading example if Britain had conscientiously performed her obligation as required by the United Nations.
We know Britain could have done it if she wanted to. Britain has a lot of experiences that made the British Isles a formidable UNION called THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND.
But Britain’s failure to do it must not shackle the brains of we the real inhabitants of Western Togoland and Ghana to remain rudderless forever.

In the same episode some viewers were of the view that once Ghana’s 1992 constitution includes Western Togoland, it must be assumed that there is no need for any union agreement. This is an uncivilised approach to the formation of a UNION! NO COUNTRY HAS THE RIGHT TO WRITE ITS CONSTITUTION TO COVER ANOTHER COUNTRY. There has never been any consent from the government of Western Togoland to dissolve its statehood. Therefore it is criminal to make such a declaration. The question is that if Guinea or Mali or Cote d’Ivoire indicate their willingness to join Ghana to form a Union, is it right for Ghana to rewrite her constitution to cover those countries without any legal authorisation from the governments of those countries?
The deliberate failure of Britain to form a government for Western Togoland before declaring the formation of a UNION of Ghana and Western Togoland or British Togoland is a ploy to keep Western Togoland under the skirts of Ghana for an agenda which is hidden from all colonized nations.

It is also an insult to the intelligence of the politicians, the elites and the traditional rulers of Ghana and Western Togoland.

In this 21st century, in this 3rd millennium, it is awkwardly too backwards to accept this delusion and swallow everything hook, line, sinker and float cork.

If the Blackman cannot again see through this smoke screen in this broad daylight of this 21st century, then the composition of our brain is seriously questionable.

Even those who prescribe development as a solution to the issue are simply not yet awake to what Western Togolanders are going through in Ghana. Neither can they know what Ghana is loosing by the falsification of the Union. An occupational force can takeover your country and use you by force to build monumental mansions and pyramids but you may secretly be doing more harm than good to each other and unconsciously to the nation as a whole.

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