The Peoples Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland would like to add it’s voice to the observations made by the renowned Broadcaster and Civil Rights Campaigner, Kelvin Taylor in one of his broadcasts seen in the video above.

Before and even after the cutting away of the Northern part of the Volta region (Western Togoland) from the South, many Ghanaians especially indigenes from the affected region have questioned the rational behind the move by Akufo-Addo and his New Patriotic Party (NPP) government.

Indeed, it is very obvious that the division of the region by government as part of its agenda to create new regions soon after taking office in 2017, was for some ulterior motive rather than the population was made to believe.

We single out the Volta region in this article because the fact that this small region was targeted by the government for a split whiles bigger regions like the Ashanti and Eastern regions were left untouched is in itself questionable and infact unreasonable.

From the onset, one shudders to think that the split was to create disunity between the Ewe speaking people and the Guan speaking people of the region.

But has the creation of the “political tribal lines” succeeded in dividing the good people of the region? Has it succeeded in sowing and nurturing the seeds of discord the government sought to sow between the people? The answer is a very bid NO!

As Kelvin Taylor rightly observed, the people of the Volta region are one of the most united people or tribe found in Ghana and in West Africa.

The people of the region have over the years clung together no matter their afflictions, no matter what political manipulations are employed by successive governments to trample upon their human rights and integrity as a people.

The people of this region do not care about border lines or demarcations.

Whether a government decides to split them, they will still remain strong together, speak their language and go about their business activities together and remain in harmony as brothers and sisters. No government can succeed in using border lines to divide a people joined together in unity of purpose.

The fact that the people of the British Togolan as it used to be before the split. still see themselves as one people despite the political division, goes to buttress the point that the real motive of the Akufo-Addo NPP government to create disunity among the people of the region, using the divide and rule tactics has been defeated and fallen flat.

What becomes of a country if any government that comes to power decides to go on a region dividing spree? Nations are not built through division, but through unity and a sense of purpose!

The PLC would like to call on all the peace loving people of the British Togoland as it used to be before the split to remain strong and continue to bond together and see each other as brothers and sisters.

We must understand that the Northern part of the Volta region now refered to as the Oti region is just in the imagination of the government and does not hold as we remain brothers and sisters.

We must not allow the seed of tribalism and division sown among us to grow and bear any fruit.

Let us stay together and by God we shall overcome someday.

By People’s Liberation Council (PLC)Communications bureau.


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