The Secretary-General of the Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland has called on all groups advocating for decoupling Western Togoland from Ghana to formulate an immediate plan to form a constitutionally elected government. If citizens will make haste to do the right thing at once, the present and future generations shall be free forever. But any uncalculated risk will leave them poorer than the Ghana that has been mining gold for more than a century but still goes round with cap in hand for peanuts from advanced countries.

The Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland has called on citizens to develop prudent methods of managing their natural resources and halt the mad rush for the exploitation of Western Togoland’s mineral resources. Speaking on this year’s World Wildlife Day Celebration at the PLC Secretariat at Ho, the Secretary-General cautioned the people not to base their quest for self government on the discovery of the fact that Western Togoland has mighty volumes of mineral reserves.

He cautioned Western Togolanders to be wary of any attempt to colonize them again after being colonized over and over even by their own brethren who themselves have not yet leaped the real fruit of Independence. The Secretary-General emphasised that a government that is not  formed according to a constitution endorsed by the people is a modern day colonialist. He said such a government is not different from a military junta because the decrees they will pass might not be the desire of the people. He said a constitution imposed on the people without seeking the Free and Prior Informed Consent of the people is tantamount to oppression. 

The Secretary-General reassured Western Togolanders that the PLC is and will remain an NGO promoting human development and monitoring governance. The formulae for formulating the constitution of Western Togoland lie in the processes embarked on by the PLC and therefore invites all citizens to participate without any partisan inclination.

“You have the right to belong to your individual groups but this is a matter affecting the whole of the Peoples of Western Togoland, and we must not wait for a small group of people to decide on our behalf without our consent. Let us go beyond our tribal limits and exercise our citizenship in this case”, said the S. G.

Outdooring the MITRORKOR THEATRE TROUPE OF WESTERN TOGOLAND that came to grace the occasion the S.G. made the following comments:

The PLC is encouraging sports and culture in Western Togoland as a means of awakening all the people to develop harmonious coexistence.

The Secretary-General believes the Western Togoland Liberation Giraffe which is the sports and cultural wing of the Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland will serve in a long way to foster good relations between Western Togoland and other countries.  He pleaded support for the groups in the forms of costumes and instruments for the emerging cultural societies and also sports equipment for the Liberation Giraffe Sporting Club.He thanked all Western Togolanders for their serious commitment to the course of freedom and prayed for more support.


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