Good day to you all Western Togolanders and all sympathizers, supporters and admirers of the  Western Togoland Liberation struggle. The month of April has quietly passed by with the normal heat preparing nature for regeneration as usual. We are now advancing in the month that ends with the rejuvenation of creation and we must also make serious efforts to open ourselves for the enlivening rays penetration creation at this appointed time.
In order to prepare our country for this great occasion the Steering Committee of the PLC has decided to point out the seriousness of some of the suggestions coming from various quarters and the social media which the Steering Committee finds detrimental to our line of action. You will be glad to note that the PLC is determined to facilitate the peaceful transition of Western Togoland into a Paradise on Earth.  This can only be done with a clean heart that operates with clean hands. The Chairman of the PLC is highly perturbed by the frantic efforts of some individuals who in one way or the other to repeat certain mistakes  of some organizations and countries who were once or are still in situations to ours.

The Chairman says:
“We are a different peoples going through our peculiar circumstances upon which we must stand to build our noble state. We cannot imitate a wrong thing and give it a good name.
It is the principle of the PLC that our nation must be built on the grounds sincerity.”
The Steering Committee of the PLC therefore wishes to implore all citizens to trust in the power of  good volition coming from a pure heart. Such a volition will not demand from the leaders to plunge themselves into dubious deals. Those who think we are desperate wherefore we must accept offers even if they come from the devil’s own hands must rather drop such ideas behind because they are detrimental to the great up building ahead of us.
Others think we must prepare for war because they have discovered signs of some powers preparing to attack us. Sorry, if we choose to be docile and stronger forces choose to intimidate us, how much more will we not be ostracized if we dare to make any effort in the direction they want to push us? The PLC is out to promote liberation and development, making use of the amount of freedom we have now to obtain the necessary liberty we deserve. This does not require the use of arms or any form of violence for which one must decide to prepare. All we have to know is that we are in a world of wicked people who need to be thought to amend their ways by learning from us.
Some also suggest that we should trade our natural resources in lobbying some countries into our sympathy. That is too a childish a path to tread. WE WANT TOTAL INDEPENDENCE WHICH WE CAN ATTAIN WITHOUT DAMAGING THE FUTURE OF COMING GENERATIONS. 
To all those who think we can trick some powerful nations come to our aid we want to warn that at the end of such tunnels await the type of destruction that some forerunners met. Imagine the beautiful vision of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and how it finally became till date.
Let us see Western Togoland as it could be and stop thinking of how to destroy it before it is born.
At this juncture, I wish to make the point of the PLC clear that those who go about promising our kings to give out our natural resources for exploitation are only luring the rulers to connive and violate the U.N. embargo on our natural resources. If the lots of cocoa, coffee, sheanut, oyster, rosewood, ceiber and many other natural resources have gone out of our country and brought nothing back to the People’s of Western Togoland,  will a simple promise of building a mansion for the landowners and a palace for a chiefs stand the test of time and wisdom? What is the wisdom in making a chief rich and his subjects living in abject poverty?
We hope you will all gladly decide to work towards making Western Togoland  a noble country of sincere people unfolding the latent qualities the land and it’s people. PEACE BE UNTO YOU ALL.
Thank you.


On behalf of the Chairman and the Steering committee of the PEOPLE’S LIBERATION COUNCIL OF WESTERN TOG

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