The History Of Western Togoland

The Land of Togo and her various traditional entities were ruled by their individual kings centuries before Christian missionaries from Bremen arrived at Peki in 1847 and were later joined by A German envoy, Dr. Gustav Nachtigal enforced into suzerainty with them in 1884. Hence the spread of German influence in the lands of King Kodzo Dei of Peki, King Mlapa of Gbaga Torgo and others from the coast to the north till 1914 when the First World War erupted.

Our land, originally known as “Torgo” (meaning river banks), was called Togo by the Germans and it became our name Togo today. We remained a territory harmoniously thriving under German suzerainty until 1914 when the events of the First World War destroyed us to date. – The Allied Forces (specifically France and Britain) invaded Togo, drove away the Germans and partitioned it into East and West for themselves in 1916. The French took the eastern part and the English took the western part with tight ethnic mix.

The League of Nations intervened in 1922 and assigned the two divided lands to their captors as Mandated Territories. Similar to the French side Togo on the east, Western Togoland became a British Mandated Territory under the League of Nations’ Mandate after the First World War (1914 – 1918) and after the Second World War became a Trust Territory of the United Nations under the United Kingdom Administration with the same international laws of:

  1. Not exploiting her underground mineral deposits,
  2. Not adding the Mandatory States to her colony,
  3. Nurturing Mandatory States to independence
  4. Ruling them from their home governments and give them the necessary arms of government. – Executive, Judiciary and Legislature.

The ethnic mix during the partitioning of Togoland into east and west comprise the following;

Disregarding the trusteeship arrangements under article 5 of the Trusteeship system and UN General Assembly Resolution 244 of Nov. 16, 1948, Britain divided Western Togoland into two Provinces north and south administering them from Tamale in the Northern Territory and  Koforidua in Eastern province of the Gold Coast as a way of integrating Western Togoland into her colony, Gold Coast.

Britain at a time indicated to the U.N that Western-Togoland was matured to become independent and that Gold Coast was soon going to be granted independence and Western Togoland would no longer be administered by Britain.


Britain’s Proposal for Termination of Trusteeship Agreement and Reasons

At the time Gold Coast was going to be granted independent Britain approached the UN to terminate the Trusteeship Agreement on Western Togoland because it was no longer convenient. And with her intension to integrate Western Togoland into the Gold Coast (now Ghana) Britain raised the following points at the UN:

  1. Western Togoland is too small to become independent.
  2. Western Togoland has no coastline to build a harbour for foreign trade.
  3. Western Togoland has no mineral deposits to depend on to support her economy.
  4. The destiny of Western Togoland is in the gold coast


Conditions Set By U.N for Termination of Agreement.

These weak points are still glare even today but the UN granted Britain to conduct a referendum which Britain termed plebiscite.

The conditions laid down by the United Nations for the conduct of the plebiscite were:

  1. The people must decide whether to come into Union with independent Gold Coast or to separate from it.
  2. The working of the union, if chosen, should be clearly laid down in a Memorandum of Understanding according to U.N. directives.
  3. A common constitution for the unionized states should be drawn.
  4. Gold Coast should also be granted independence

All the first three conditions concerning Western Togoland were not fulfilled.


The design of campaigns before and conduct of the plebiscite has left a lot to be reviewed. However, the supposed choice of the Union by the people of Western Togoland was also not fulfilled up till today.

From generation to generation (over 60 years), the chiefs and the people of Western Togoland raised voices of disapproval to the integration of their state into Gold Coast (Ghana) but such occasions were met with brutality, persecution, intimidation and coercion.

e.g.:  Britain and Kwame Nkrumah invaded Western Togoland with the West African Frontier Force killing lots of innocent citizens in many communities because of an expression of discontent for the plebiscite for which results they refused to raise the flag of Ghana on their land. Some chiefs were put to detention and some chased out into exile dying there. The persecution of Western Togolanders is still going on today as some are in court facing treason trial for wearing T-shirts that indicate they are Western Togolanders.


The following are some expressions on the Decolonization Committee (C24). We all heard former U.N Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon state among others that, it is the inter-governmental body, exclusively devoted to decolonization. The special committee is expected to devise fresh and creative approaches to mobilize the political will to advance its agenda. The committee was established by the general assembly with the purpose of monitoring the implementation of the declaration. (General Assembly Resolution 1514(XV) of 14th Dec 1960).

It is believed that, the international legal conditions set for the administering authorities is:

i) Not to exploit Western-Togoland underground mineral deposits.

ii) Not adding the mandatory states to her colony.

iii) Monitoring mandatory states to independence.

iv) And giving them the necessary arms of Government, Executive, Judiciary and Legislature have the undertone of expecting the natives undertaking to develop their own plan of economic and socio-cultural development some day.

Our unconditional annexation to Ghana automatically creates a poverty situation as there are no industries promoted in Western-Togoland. This is an intentional move to upset conditions genuinely set by U.N which inhibit exploitation or transfer of land and mineral resources by any other than the natives of Western-Togoland among themselves except by the consent of a competent authority. [SINCE THERE IS AN AGITATION FOR SELF GOVERNMENT IN WESTERN TOGOLAND, NO EXPLOITATION OF SUCH RESOURCES IS GENUINE BEFORE THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A CONSTITUTIONALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE] However, with the corrupt colonial values acquired and nurtured all along for more than a century now, efforts are being made by some disgruntled elements to violate the highly inspired article of the U.N. Trusteeship Agreement (article 9) which specifically includes “all future time”. However, tax funds and exports crops continually go to enrich Ghana outside the borders of Western-Togoland. The ordinary person lives below a living wage and we are known to be generally poor even in the midst of riches. But we have a diverse economic base that can transform the lives of our people from poverty to wealth creation. We have a great future. We have the possibility of minerals and hydrocarbons as well as good agricultural land for mechanization. The labour resources are also adequately skilled contrary to what Britain advanced to justify our annexation. And despite the wrong perception created around Western Togolanders, we have proven patriotic records in every aspect of Ghana’s development. And we are capable of performing better without the impediments posed by the usual corrupt Ghanaian life. And we are capable of forging a better union with Ghana as civilization demands.

i) Our landmass is by far larger than most British Colonies which were self-governing. e.g. Malta, Gambia, Swaziland and majority of independent Caribbean states.

ii) Minerals are copious.

iii) The coastline of Western-Togoland stretches from Aflao to Anyanui

iv) Western-Togoland rather supplies labour to Ghana, yet our union colleagues (who rejected union relationship with us in their referendum) in Ghana have run down the economy through mismanagement and misplaced priorities. This renders our people poor. This poverty condition of our people is worsened by continual balkanization of the country thereby reducing our state to colony and sub-region of Ghana.

Our relation with Ghana since 1957 makes it difficult for us to reach out to neither the decolonization committee, the Security Council, ICJ nor U.N.O for reconsideration for change of mind since we have are still a non-self Governing-Territory and an Unrepresented Nation. Yet our counterpart, Ghana’s crafted intimidation and frequent unlawful arrest of Western Togolanders for proudly identifying themselves has all the more aggravated the situation towards insecurity and possible violence. However, suppressing the truth about Western Togoland and intimidating its people in Ghana is detrimental to the manifestation of human dignity in the sub-region. In order to arrest the decadence of human dignity in Western Togoland and Ghana, the PEOPLES’ LIBERATION COUNCIL OF WESTERN TOGOLAND IS CALLING FOR REEXAMINATION OF THE UNION BETWEEN WESTERN TOGOLAND AND GHANA. WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT IF CONSTITUTIONALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENTS FROM BOTH SIDES DECIDE TO REGULARIZE RELATIONS, WESTERN TOGOLAND AND GHANA SHALL BECOME THE BEST OF NEIGHBOURS TO BEACON OTHER STATES INTO HARMONIOUS COEXISTENCE.




In all religions prophecies are made here and there about the end time with indicators. A common indicator less heeded is the prophecy about the proliferation of false prophets at the time of the coming Son of Man whom Jesus qualified as the Spirit of Truth or the Comforter. Certainly that prophecy is fulfilled but only the alert can recognize Him in his Word because all mankind is witnessing the presence of the promised one as foretold when at the very time there shall be a proliferation of false prophets performing miracles in the name of the Lord but are considered by The Light as “workers of iniquity”.

In the same light, the truth about Western Togoland restoration is shrouded in mysteriously distorted intellectually manipulated epics while the simple Truth standing in the Will of the Lord is resurrecting before all mankind today. More of the hidden information of the secret places are yet to come because this time he who wishes to stand in the way shall be exposed by the Light. It does not need scholastic elevation to understand the simple Truth about the peoples that constitute the state of Western Togoland. It only needs a quiet inner examination of facts so we shall now be drawing attention here to the not so technically or intellectually constructed write-ups for the discerning observers and seekers to exercise their intuitive faculties to decipher.


People's Liberation Council of Western Togoland

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