Brief Historical Info

  • Western Togoland is the second half of the divided German Colony, Togo (1916). This land was called British Mandated Togoland and Togoland under U.K. Administration under various circumstances.
  • We are a people historically bound to a common heritage, the Torgo land centuries before the arrival of the Europeans but brought together under German Suzerainty as a territory since 1884 by Dr. Gustav Nachtigal, a German envoy.
  • Present day Togo and Western Togoland were together one piece with same traditional, cultural and historical peculiarities but became separated as a result of the events of the First World War, into two distinct territories with a marked lingual and Franca difference, French and English and the accompanying varied external cultural ties.
  • Western Togoland became a British Mandated Territory under the League of Nations’ Mandate after the First World War (1914 – 1918) and after the Second World War became a Trust Territory of the United Nations under the United Kingdom Administration in 1922.
  • We possess the will to remain identified as a people of the State of Western Togoland.

The Land of Togo and her various traditional entities were ruled by their individual kings centuries before Christian missionaries from Bremen arrived at Peki in 1847 and were later joined by A German envoy, Dr. Gustav Nachtigal enforced into suzerainty with them in 1884. Hence the spread of German influence in the lands of King Kodzo Dei of Peki, King Mlapa of Gbaga Torgo and others from the coast to the north till 1914 when the First World War erupted.

western togoland original logo designed by Obed Aikins Akpaku
Banner of the People's Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland
    • Blue Signifies the Priceless Water Bodies
  • Green Signifies The Green Vegetation
  • Red Signifies Strength, Toil, Determination and Power of Our Ancestors
  • Yellow Signifies Mineral Resources of Our Land
  • Black Signifies The Power and Uniqueness of Africa
  • White Dove Signifies Peace, Love, Purity and a New  Beginning of a Prosperous Future


  • Capital: To be determined
  • Area:
  • Population: 4 million
  • Languages: English, Ewe,Dangbe,Gonja, Akan, Dagbangli, Mamprugli,
  • Currency: to be determined
  • Nature of State: To be determined
  • Nature Regime: To be determined
  • Borders (Land): Republic of Togo – East; Republic Ghana – West; Burkina Faso Republic – North
  • Borders (Coastline): Atlantic Ocean
  • Climate: Tropical
  • Ethnic Groups:
  • Religion:
  • Agricultural Products:
  • Fish Catch:
  • Industrial Products:
  • Mining Products:
  • Major Export:
  • Major Imports: