Dear Western Togolanders,
The PLC is aware that certain persons are canvassing your corridors seeking your preference of seperation over UNION.
We want to assure you that our decision to educate the public on the union is not baseless.
We are aware of the deep seated grievances in the hearts of many and we believe that our natural interconnectedness has made it obligatory for us to resolve them for ever.
As we already told you, we have a voluminous record of anomalies revealing the colonialists and CPP complications in the plebiscite of 9th May 1956 despite which the people chose UNION. This must give us all the cause to respect the recorded decision of the people and the U.N. which was never made to manifest since then.
The attached record and many others that we publish from time to time are not meant to infuriate you, they are rather specifically meant to prove to the public that we have a genuine cause to opt for the UNION.
Let us all work joyfully together to see the implementation of the people’s choice so that we can make use of these records and other human rights abuses in a truth and reconciliation process between Western Togoland and Ghana for the purpose of galvanizing the true UNION.
Thank you all for understanding the PLC. Thank you all for trusting in the process of establishing THE UNION OF GHANA AND WESTERN TOGOLAND.
Thank you.
Ben Adeli


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