Fellow Ghanaians and Western Togolanders as we have already told you, we have discovered a lot of information that will make it unwise to reject the UNION for which the U.N. has spent so much time and resources. We must prove our faithfulness by accepting the UNION idea.
Those who voted in 1956 were taken through a lot of education to prepare them for what they voted for. The necessary arrangements undone for 65 years is the reason why there is a lot of misunderstanding about Western Togoland.
The PLC’s education will gradually bring clarity and prepare the people of Ghana and Western Togoland for the implementation of what will unite the people for the most harmonious co existence.
We hope peace lovers everywhere will appreciate our efforts and encourage the government of Ghana and the people of Western Togoland to agree with the PLC.
Thank you.
Coordinator for Education and Communication.