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Well dear viewers, I wish to introduce to you one important aspect of our work with this short interlude:

Fellow Citizens of Western Togoland, Tuesday, 2nd of February, marks the signing of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in the Iranian city of Ramsar in 1971. The Peoples Liberation Council of Western wishes to join world bodies to raise global awareness about the high importance of wetlands for people and our planet. As the saying goes, charity begins at home, so we deem it very appropriate to call to your attention to the enormous responsibility that nature has placed on Western Togolanders to conserve their wetlands for the benefit of life on earth.
Freshwater crisis are rising and threatening people and our planet. We use more freshwater than nature can replenish, but we are destroying Wetlands, the ecosystem on which water and all life depend most.
Wetlands are a source of freshwater and we must encourage actions to restore them and stop their loss.
We have coastal wetlands such as the Keta Ramsar sites and inland wetlands along the basins rivers like Volta, Alabo, Tordze, Dayi, Nsukorkor, Oti and many other. We have Highland wetlands in the mountainous regions along the Togo Atakora Ranges, the Gambaga Scarp, and we have wetlands in all lowland districts including Yendi, Gushiegu, Garu and Krachi.
The theme for 2021 campaign – “Wetlands and water” highlights the contribution of wetlands to the quantity and quality of freshwater on our planet. inseparable co-existence of water and wetlands is vital to life, our wellbeing and the health of our planet.
The Peoples Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland is therefore appealing to all citizens and all authorities working in Western Togoland to identify all the wetlands and let us collaboratively manage them for the wellbeing of people and the planet Earth as a whole
Our dear audience, l would not take too much of your time now, but you are kindly invited to the PLC website (www/ for the continuation of this article for further inspiration.
Thank you.

Our cherished audience, we continue today’s episode with questions we were receiving from many seekers about Western Togoland and the answers we gave them. We shall be reading them out to you in bits from time to time so that you will also understand the situation of Western Togoland as we proceed in our advocacy for the restoration of human dignity in the region where Western Togolanders cherish so dearly. Please feel free to send your comments, questions, suggestions, requests and recommendations to the Western Togoland Situation Room where we reveal the situation for you all to make up your minds.
Q: Was there no agreement between Ghana and Britain before they handed over Western Togoland to Ghana?
Britain did not negotiate on behalf Western Togoland because there was a conflict of interest there. Take note that it is criminal to accept the arms invasion of Western Togoland by Dr. Nkrumah after the plebiscite as a necessary arrangement by Britain to effect the UNION.
Q: But Ghana voted to become unitary state?
A: Yes that is right! But Western Togoland, a United Nations Trust Territory could not have voted in that referendum of 12th July 1956 because Gold Coast was not yet independent for Western Togoland to be in union with it as decided through the plebiscite of 9th May 1956.
Q: I understand the plebiscite was meant to last for 50 years
A: “FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE FOR 50 YEARS?” Who signed it? Is it a punishment? That was not the plebiscite question we have got from the U.N. Archives. People must stop distorting the facts.
Q: What else do you want after the plebiscite?
A: It is wrong to disregard the U.N. recommendation which requested for making the necessary arrangements to effect the UNION. What happened on 4th July, 1957 was not part of the U.N. directives. The apparently existing UNION is fraught with legalized discrimination against Western Togolanders in Ghana. This is why people on the streets, in the marketplaces, in offices and even lawmakers are free to spit into the faces of Western Togolanders without any remorse or rebuke from any superior Ghanaian or Ghanaian law.
If they were not specifically denied their freedom of association, they could have a voice before the law to defend their rights as humans in Ghana. What is happening now is just a proof that because Western Togolanders voted in a plebiscite to go into UNION with independent Gold Coast, which is now Ghana, Ghanaians are free to treat them as plebeians or lower human beings.
Q: Why is the PLC talking of union whereas all we hear is separation?
A: Those who are calling for separation have a cause to be doing so. But we know the U.N. has done the greater part of the work for us. We must appreciate it and strive to complete it. The decision to form a union was taken by majority of the member states and also by the people of Western Togoland in particular. It will we unwise for us to kick against it especially if we want to be a member state. What we have to do is to complete the work left undone by Britain and regularize loopholes in the formation of the Union between Western Togoland and Ghana.
Q: Don’t you think there is a needle for another plebiscite?
A: There will be no need for another plebiscite if we agree to go by the Union idea over which the U.N. has expended so much.
Q: As you are calling for a review of the UNION do you want the PLC to negotiate on behalf of the agitators?
A: No. This is a governmental level affair. Only the government of Western Togoland is qualified negotiate with the government of Ghana on the union.
Q: Why should you not team up with the various groups to form a government to represent the people of Western Togoland?
A: It is unjustifiable for even all the existing groups to come together and pretend they represent Western Togoland. Moreover we are interested in guiding the people build a noble state and therefore we cannot connive with others to usurp the mandate of the people..
Q. What about pieces of social media information that some groups have formed a government for Western Togoland?
A:We do not blame them. They are rushing to form government because of what they are going through. The few groups in the ’50s have now multiplied many folds. But even if all of them come together now, they cannot become the government of the people in this democratic dispensation.
Q: How can we stop the proliferation of secessionist groups?
A: Remove the cause for secession then nobody will dream secession
Q: Why are there many groups emerging on this Western Togoland issue?
A: The fellowship of kindred minds is a natural law. International Laws correspond with it. Any man-made law against what is natural is bound to bring problems. That is why Ghana’s own Decree prohibiting Western Togolanders from associating to deliberate over their own affairs have let loose Ghanaians to deride Western Togolanders publicly and privately, frustrating them in business and employment, and maltreating them even to the extent of torture and murder,
But the Peoples’ LIBERATION COUNCIL OF WESTERN TOGOLAND wants us to defray the bitterness and lay a better foundation for future generations by facilitating the implementation of the people’s decision and the Resolution of the U.N
Q: What is your education program about?
A: It is about liberating the people from mental lethargy and quickening them into pragmatic rational activity.
Q: How are you doing it and how are you financed?
A: According to our policy of making use of whatever we have, we are reaching out to the people through the media, providing guidance and linkages to formal education as well as applying traditional methods of non formal education in all fields of human endeavour. In the field of agriculture, we have a platform for Organic Farming, and another for Agricultural Revolution. We also have a platform for hatching ideas on technology and skills development. We also disseminate educative information through all forms of communication. Our financing is dependent on the awakening to save humanity. So we depend on the commitment of people of similar minds.
Q: Why are you telling your people that only a constitutionally elected government should be formed.
A: This is what they must know and stop fighting the windmills. It seems too difficult for them because they need to take proper initial steps of nation building first, which may run into decades.
But we have to educate them against falling prey to false concepts of freedom where they could be lured into sham independence or another form of slavery.
Q: I saw on one of your social media platforms that value addition and technological advancement is the necessary bedrock of development for Western Togoland. So is that in your restoration agenda?
A: That is our vision for initiating the Technology Incubator. We cannot expect someone else to do it for us. This, we hope can make us recover from our past 63 years of redundancy in technology.
Q: We know that Western Togoland has titanic volumes of mineral resources but how can we extract them without external support?
A: Support must mean support. But to exploit means to plunder. That is why we warn against mortgaging the future of the people for the greed of today. Remember Article 9 of the Trusteeship Agreement. It is there to protect the present and future generations.

Q: Is it because of the UNION alone that you need the freedom of association you mean?
A: Not, that alone! Western Togolanders deserve everything that human beings deserve. Freedom of association is necessary for collective decision making, and a key to cooperation and development. Formulation of rules and policies are promoted and civilization is enhanced.
Q: But some also think the politicians will lose their bread if Western Togolanders are allowed to be as free as Ghanaians
A: That is childish mentality. What will they lose in cooperating to build Western Togoland into a noble state? And is it not the pride of Ghana to support Western Togoland develop into a noble state? Both legs must move to make a walk.
Q. We know that your people voted to join Gold Coast to form Ghana for 50 years. Now the 50 years is over is that why you want to separate?
Another correction is that there was no bond for 50 years because there was no reason to do so.
Q: What is the PLC out to do concerning Western Togoland and Ghana Union?
A: To facilitate the process of establishing Western Togoland – Ghana Union by promoting development, education, health and gender issues with the collaboration of all stakeholders including all governmental and non-governmental institutions. And to solicit the guidance of the Traditional Rulers for all their community groups along the Natural Laws, International Laws and National Laws as a matter of importance to the course we are treading.
Q: What does the PLC want Ghana Government to do now?
A: Remove all laws that are not consistent with the International and Natural laws. The fellowship of kindred minds is a natural law. Articles 1 & 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approves of it. Therefore Ghana too must allow Western Togolanders to enjoy the same right as all other human beings.
Q: We recall in your advert of The First European Conferences on Western Togoland we saw an inscription “INDEPENDENCE OF WESTERN TOGOLAND IS NOT NEGOTIABLE”. What does it mean?
A: It simply means that the Independence granted Western Togoland by the termination of the Trusteeship Agreement on Togoland under British Administration shall not be reverted. This is why we still consider Western Togoland as a state that is in UNION with the Independent state of Ghana. It is for the same reason that we are calling for the review of the universally agreed UNION of Western Togoland and Ghana.
Q: You are talking about the review of the UNION between Western Togoland and Ghana but don’t you feel this will damage the career of Ghanaian politicians from the Western Togoland?
A: Ho! Ha ha ha! This is the poorest of the thinking of politicians. How can a review of a crumbling union damage the career of a genuine politician? If we all work together to make better the worsening relations between Western Togoland and Ghana should it not be of best benefit to politicians from both sides to enjoy a harmonious union? You know that the PLC wants collaboration with government to rebuild Western Togoland into a noble state. Our advocacy for good governance is really meant to clarify the path for sustainable development and meaningful education. In the final analysis, Western Togoland and Ghana shall wallow in the fruits of their cooperation. What is better than working together hand in hand to build a noble state?

Q: I think what scares them is your mention of a constitutionally elected government. How can you write another constitution in a unitary state?
A: Mind you. We are said to be in a UNION. The constitution of a state that is in UNION with another is simply a bye law of the whole. The way you handle them today will give them direction for what to put into their constitution. And if you prevent them from making rules for themselves as any group of people are free to do, the consequences are that they become lawless and make the UNION ungovernable. You may exercise brute force against the reputation of your civilization. So long as you prevent them from enjoying the right of human beings, they will turn bestial. But mind you, you may not know the kind of beast they may turn to be. This is why they must not be given the cause to lose the human nature in them.
Well dear audience, thank you for your attention. We shall be back with more questions and answers in another episode. Please keep connected. Thank you so much.


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