PLC has insisted on Community Mobilisation for Liberation and Development which is completely different from the sham form of liberation that keeps the people under mental bondage. We believe that the Union the people voted for can truly work for the mutual benefit of Ghana and Western Togoland if the U.N. Resolution 1044(XI) of 13th December, 1956 is genuinely applied. We also believe that Ghana and Western Togoland no longer need the United Kingdom to facilitate the unionization process. That is why the PLC has embarked on the advocacy to regularize the union by ourselves.

We are also aware of attempts to usurp the People’s power and impose some sort of leadership on them. The PLC does not have the intention to become a political party or a pseudo-government. We know that the mad rush to form a government for Western Togoland at a stage when the People’s minds are still not liberated can only lead to a situation worse than what is currently at stake. That is why we intend extending our principle of Liberation and Development across the whole of Ghana and Western Togoland


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