I write to congratulate the presenters for the very efficient manner in which they handled the programme captioned “How do you know Volta Region and Togo”.
I am glad they have avoided raising inflammatory points because it best serves the agenda we hold as seekers for harmonious coexistence. As Oliver Twist would, I sincerely wish for more of your programmes.
There was a question on how Western Togoland and Ghana UNION could start if we do not go down and work with the existing structures at regional and districts levels.
The guest might have forgotten that the non-cooperative attitude of Ghanaians is our hindrance. Some citizens from both sides have voluntarily taken it upon themselves to destroy every attempt by the PLC at creating a corridor for Ghana and Western Togoland cooperation. This is due to the scare caused by the Prohibited Organizations Decree (SMCD 20). Even the non-cooperative attitude extended to the misuse of power by the police and the security agencies to disrupt the business of the PLC and also temper with the health of the Secretary-General of the PLC who is responsible for organizing the NGO in Ghana.
Sensitization towards good governance in environmental management has started very well, but for no apparent reason the police and immigration agencies stopped the education and tree planting events of the PLC at Kpedze in 2018 and confiscated the equipment of the organization for several months.
On two occasions a major event planned to introduce the PLC to public and private entities for collaborative development of Western Togoland and Ghana UNION was foiled and the Secretary-General finally arrested on July 5 last year and multreated to the extent that he is no longer healthy till now. His office was ransacked by the police and various items belonging to the Beekeepers Association of which he is also the President were made away with together with lots of document of the PLC without any proper records taken.

The same level of intimidation and suppression of Western Togolanders is exposed in how they handle the PLC whose role should rather be seen as a panacea for the ailing health of the UNION OF GHANA AND WESTERN TOGOLAND.
I pray that the organizers find a chance to use their media to soothe the boisterous growth in Ghana now and make life worth living in this part of the world as it could be.
As requested by the Mr. Amuzu, host, I still want to suggest that to have a governmental level agreement made is not just one government writing anything on behalf of the two. Ghana by her constitution can rightly form a committee to negotiate with Western Togoland who also needs a constitution to put in place the appropriate authority for doing the same thing.
Since this is a process leading to a conclusion desirable to all, I believe that the people of Ghana and Western Togoland must henceforth conduct themselves in a manner that will set the best tone for the establishment of a long lasting union.
Thank you.
Divine Ocquaye ODONKOR


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