The PLC Secretariat has embarked on a participatory Roadmapping exercise with grassroots organisations in order to liberate their minds from taking uncalculated risks that may plunge the masses into perpetual agony.
In this exercise, participants appreciate the importance of maintaining collaboration among all groups and individuals in matters of importance for the whole. Participants also identified some significant landmarks along the path leading into the Western Togoland of a restored dignity. Participants have identified the architects of the Western Togoland situation and the current agents of retrogression who know not what they are really doing to themselves.
Participants have resolved to avoid all forms of all recipes for violence and focus on mobilization for development with the PLC Concept of making use of the available level of liberty to secure the what is rightfully necessary without any form of violence. Participants resolved to guard against falling again into the same old tricks that made them part of the current system of insincerity and competitive which they find themselves.
It has become clearly understood by participants that many people are being remotely worked to distract the PLC from achieving the noble aim just because the designers and their agents are all completely ignorant of the mutual benefit Ghana and Western Togoland could derive from the success of the PLC line of action for the restoration of Western Togoland.
It is the hope of the participants that the enemies of liberation and development will become ashamed for choosing to be workers of iniquity when there is a natural demand for the establishment of Paradise on Earth this time.
The first three of the one day workshops was attended by a total of 68 participants representing 17 Community Based Organisations and some freelancers on the path of Western Togoland’s natural evolution. The Secretary-General announced that the Roadmapping exercise is still open for any group of or organizations that wish to collaborate in the restoration of Western Togoland for sustainable development.
The Secretary-General said the PLC is also going to organise a series of workshops on Conflict Resolution for Western Togoland Council of Elders as soon as funds are available.