The Secretary General Of The PLC Clarifies The Air

The Secretary General Of The PLC Clarifies The Air

K. A. Aggor.
PLC Communication,
20 November 2019.

In a chat with PLC Communication, the Secretary General of the PLC has clarified on the PLC’s announcement on the declaration of Independence made by Mr Charles Kormi Kudzordzie and his Homeland Study Group Foundation. This is in reaction to the many calls for further explanation. The S. G. wants to make it clear to all that the announcement is in no way meant to ridicule any set of people or to set back any progressive development. He says the PLC strongly support all the organisations fighting for the rights of Western Togolanders.
He says: “This is why we want the Free and Prior Informed Consent of the people in order to pave the way for revisiting of the sham union of Ghana and Western Togoland which has become the unbearable shackle and yoke of the people.
We believe that Ghana has no right to suppress the people forever. But we also believe that people deserve fair consideration in every decision that affects them and their future generations. We feel that in the long run, Ghana and Western Togoland shall live together in harmony and therefore no cause should be given for damaging the future of the people on any side”.

In his appeal to the Ghanaian Authorities, the PLC Secretary-General told PLC Communication that he would prefer that the Government of Ghana creates an enabling environment for the establishment of the most cordial relations between the governments of Western Togoland and Ghana. He says this will go a long way to make Ghana and Western Togoland a destination of choice for all who love peace and development.



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