My dear Peoples of Western Togoland the month of May has as usual ended with the outpouring of power from the summit of creation for rejuvenation of all in creation. Thanks be to the most High for this fulfilment. With this fulfilment I wish to make public this observation for the consideration of all citizens and sympathizers of Western Togoland in her quest for sovereignty.
    PLC has taken notice of the genuine fear of a lot of people, even some chiefs of our land and leaders of various groups with their teachings about the sovereignty of Western Togoland.
    Although the there are treatises backing their fears thus becoming the real point of disagreement between the groups, the members have gone too far by breeding enmity and casting slurs on their neighbours. I say neighbours and not opponents because they are really partners working towards the same goal. It is only weaker minds that may see such associates as opponents. I would like to make my humble appeal to all parties to follow me in weighing these facts to see if they are really worth putting us into fighting one another. To the PLC it is important that citizens bring their latent virtues together without any form of limitation. We need all of Western Togoland citizens with their varied characteristics for achieving our genuine aim. We believe Western Togoland has everything æ that can make this land a kind of paradise on earth. Therefore everybody must learn to understand the weaknesses of his neighbour and strive to help him overcome them. There are various role players here and there but they are tagged, bugged down and even shackled by their commitment to certain compartments instead of considering and giving full commitment to that which is whole – Western Togoland.
    Now the only technical issue causing confusion and division between various factions in the struggle is the issue concerning the part of Western Togoland once called South-eastern Gold Coast as a result of the Anglo – German Treaty of 14 November 1890 and similar pacts. And sometimes called the Volta Triangle for some reasons best known to those who coined that name.

We want to make it clear that By the treaty of 14 Nov. 1890 Britain and Germany created their own market share boundaries for peace to prevail among themselves; but that was not intended to make the indigenes disown their unity as one people forever. Thus if Britain and Germany do not want to cross an artificial boundary between the kitchen and the bathroom of a family, that has nothing to do with the owners decision to use or not to use their property as one.


But if such treaties were meant to separate the indigenes from their properties or their kindred ones then it is a gross violation of the human rights of the people. And If anyone can substantiate an imposition of any law that forbids the Volta Triangle from being part of Western Togoland, that law must be brought forward for scrutiny before the human rights of the people. If however, there is no legal compulsion to disown your own people and your natural heritage that was there even before the coming of the European then there is no reason to panic or to fight each other over trivial points meant to nourish intellectual poverty among people who are rather supposed to guide their neighbours into the newness of life in a kingdom of splendid achievements. Awake, my dear ones, awake from your enervating stupor, gird up your loins and plunge into your right activity of physical, mental and moral leadership. The Power of Truth shall be your faithful guide. PEACE BE UNTO YOU ALL.


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