We the leadership of CONCERNED CITIZENS OF WESTERN TOGOLAND wish to express our sincere gratitude to all you citizens of Western Togoland, both home and abroad, for your massive loyalty and patriotism towards the land in this difficult time. We appreciate your resilient effort and confidence which has sustained our aspirations for self-determination.

We also wish to express our special appreciation to the LEADERSHIP OF PEOPLES LIBERATION COUNCIL (PLC) OF WESTERN TOGOLAND, for their efforts to restore Western Togoland as a noble state among nations. We uphold the legal initiative, the Negotiated Approach and Citizens Diplomacy you have adopted to restore human dignity in Western Togoland. May your efforts yield a good results as soon as possible.

Our sincere encouragement goes to the Members of PEOPLES LIBERATION COUNCIL(PLC) OF WESTERN TOGOLAND, home and abroad, to continue with the tactful and peaceful manner in approaching our liberation agenda. We cherish every step you have adopted in making sure that Western Togoland is restored to co-exist in harmony with all my heart neighbouring states especially Ghana.

We salute the gallant Kings and Queens of our precious land for their lifetime meritorious services and their continuous support rendered in our peaceful struggle to liberate our land, Western Togoland. We appreciate your solemn dedication and commitment to our discourse.

We also thank the Clergy, Chief Imams and the Muslim communities, Misters of God and our Traditional Priests for their fervent prayers over the land and her citizens. We know that it is by the powers of your prayers that our land has escaped all forms of calamities and evil plans of our enemies. It our hope that you will remain our spiritual pillars throughout our journey to the promised land.

We also thank the various liberation groups for their efforts to free Western Togoland from bondage. May they all be very patient and tactful on the path to the promised land.

We have come a long way, and the bridge is broken behind us so our only word is “FORWARD EVEN”.
We entreat all citizens to remain calm, peaceful and loyal to the duty call for liberation. We encourage every one to be an ambassador of the liberation and to pursue the agenda in a peaceful manner wherever you may be.

2020 is declared an action year where we need to work hard to complete our mission. We are therefore entreating the various groups to learn from their mistakes in the past and make amends in order to achieve greater hopes for the citizens.

We appeal to every citizen of Western Togoland who upholds the Restoration of the Western Togoland to avoid any political arguments which had bred bitterness among us for too long.

We also wish to appeal to the leadership of PLC never to relent on their efforts to facilitate the process of restoring Western Togoland as it should be.
The leadership of the Concerned Citizens Of Western Togoland are looking up to you as the only hope for the survival of Western Togoland and her citizens. We pledge to give you the necessary support to facilitate the smooth restoration of our dear homeland.

Again, we are appealing to all the various groups to appreciate and adopt constitutional process proposed by the PLC and avoid whatever can lead to violence.

We wish to inform the Ghanaian government that our demand for restoration of Western Togoland is truly being pursued to restore peaceful co-existence and respect for human dignity and freedom among Ghanaians and citizens of Western Togoland altogether. And we hereby call for collaboration towards the peaceful restoration of Western Togoland.

We wish all citizens a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

God bless and make Western Togoland a mighty among all nations.



Concerned Citizens of Western Togoland.


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