There are various groups identified with the struggle for sovereignty of Western Togoland.  Some of them were directly prompted by tha infamous decision of the government of Ghana to succumb to the hauty and covetous idea to carve a portion of the Volta Region and name it Oti Region. We have studied the direction of events and expressions by all actors in these circumstances as unfortunate. We feel very much uncomfortable with the bloody trap into which authorities and duty bearers are piloting the masses now. We have the honour to distance ourselves from such decisions and we strongly feel convinced that it will be more appropriate for us to seek a peaceful solution to the three score and over years of uncertainty in which Western Togoland and Ghana had been living together. We have studied the argument of the various groups and found It necessary to recommend the PEOPLE’S LIBERATION COUNCIL OF WESTERN TOGOLAND as the only group that has chosen a clear cut roadmap leading to the harmonious coexistence of Western Togoland and Ghana.  We therefore recommend that both the peoples of Western Togoland and Ghana spare an open mind to this organization’ Demand for a negotiated approach to restoration of harmony without having the slightest taste of war first.  .

It is hoped that the government of ghana and people of Western Togoland shall gladly accept the genuine efforts of the quiet group calling itself The Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland and avoid all forms of incitefulness in this time of civilization. This alone is the solution for which the wisemen are craving for ages.

The openness of the Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland  has made it possible for a lot of people to fetch ideas from this fount but the accompanying selfish desires of those porters has diluted the vim of the very ideas stolen or learnt from the PLC. Seek to find the undiluted inspirations for humanity’s sake. We cherish the comment of the PLC Secretary-General who once said “It is better to be an icon of nobility than to excell in evil. I want to see the Kingdom of Peace anchored here on Earth. Ghana and Western Togoland are now matured to initiate it”.



Issued by the PLC – Research Unit