😇⚖🙏The theme of the conference is “REBUILDING WESTERN TOGOLAND INTO A NOBLE STATE – WHAT CAN YOU DO?”. It is chosen to be so because the organizers are of the view that the evolution of Western Togoland is a natural phenomenon the course of which must not be unduly delayed beyond its natural elasticity. In the normal order of things stagnation in development leads to death and rottening, the stench of which infects its surroundings. As Western Togoland is denied its natural course of development, it is gradually becoming dead in many things. People often express the feeling that Western Togoland is dead and gone. Unfortunately, this is not true. The consequences of denying Western Togoland it’s existence is infesting Ghana with unemployment, underdevelopment, insincerity, insecurity and a sickening population of deprived people. Ghana bears the most part of the defects because she is still not aware that although she is enjoying the stolen manpower of Western Togoland and some of the natural resources, she has more mouths to feed than she could manage. What can follow as the consequences advance is that environmental degradation, poor health and social disharmony will become the take home pay of the oppressive colonialist and the ‘imbecile’ oppressed.

This means that even Western Togoland herself is not exonerated  from the bearing the brunt of sitting down unconcerned, allowing vampires to such her blood and marrow. The effect of this weakness is making the few that find their way into the class of notable Ghanaians, feel on top of the world. They then neglect their natural obligation to serve their Creator by transforming Western Togoland into a paradise on earth. But regardless of their lofty estate, their pride is pungent in the nose of even those who pretend to admire them. Shamefully, their mortal will be junked somewhere to signify the end of their pride.

Hypocritically, it is termed “LAST RESPECT”

The hope of the organizers is that good conscience is going to bear on genuine philantrophists to support those living now to liberate themselves and establish a system that will leave no burden on subsequent generations. It is our belief that given the right atmosphere for development, the subsequent generations will set a pace for the world to emulate. The blessings of being part of this natural evolution will be unlimited because just in the same way the architects of failure are bearing the brunt of it, so shall the contributors to progress reap the joy they sow many times over.

In a nutshell we must start doing things right. So what do we need from everybody?

Whatever comes to hand or mind for supporting the people of Western Togoland is appreciable. There is a high need for education. And this calls for transport and printed materials. Communities lack amenities to the extent that some of them do not even believe in the existence of anything called a borehole. In some of the communities people share drinking water from the same pond with cattle. School children go to school bare footed and in some cases, children sit down on bare ground under trees and write in the sand with their fingers due to lack of educational amenities. Teaching and learning conditions are extremely poor. Textbooks, exercise books, writing and drawing materials are in demand to help upbring our future holders. As substandard conditions prevail in most of the few health facilities available, women and children become the most vulnerable. There are over thousand and one examples of dehumanizing conditions in Western Togoland under the mismanagement of Ghanaian administration which started since Ghana’s sham independence.

It is unfortunate that Western Togoland was said to have voted in a plebiscite to go into a UNION with Ghana. If the plebiscite results were true, then it must automatically mean the people were hoping to have a kind of trust in their neighbours. A simple yes vote for union in an indication of a willingness to go into union.  This does not call for a forceful imposition of unfavourable orders on the willing friend to be treated like subjects, let alone like objects that need not have a say in things that concern them. But the outcome of the association became is fecund with disappointments and fear of a terrible future. The writings are on the wall everywhere but the Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland is calling for a reawakening to the fact that WE MUST MAKE USE OF THE AMOUNT OF LIBERTY WE HAVE TO SECURE THE REST OF INDEPENDENCE THAT WE DESERVE TO MAKE WESTERN TOGOLAND A NOBLE STATE. Thank you.


Contacts for the conference are:

WILLIAM (+352 661 923 078

RICHARD (+31 643052930)

BORBOR (+31 68 559 3417)

Thank you

No amount of moral and physical, material or financial support is worthless in the course of helping to secure legal backing for PLC to guide Western Togoland into developing herself into a noble state harmoniously coexisting with other states on the same planet. You may direct all financial support for the People’s People’s Liberation Council’s activities to John Koffi Mensah (+ 49 170 486 7007), Nicholas A. Kobby ( +233 26 684 3558) or contact the PLC Secretariat (+233 24 468 2520 / +233 24 218 5894), e-mail: or visit

Thanks for cooperation.





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