GABBY OTCHERE-DARKO should not drag Western Togoland issue into the Ghana’s party political tug of war. He must know very well that all the examples of politicians he is giving were working under the rules of the incomplete Union and they must not be expected to do otherwise unless the system is corrected.

It must be clear to him and the Government of Ghana that the incomplete Union arrangements have affected the conscience of many including he himself and that is the main reason why we should whole heartedly decide to repent from that which is failing us to think or behave with civility.
We are thinking of solving the problem which has always made some people feel like making Ghana uncomfortable for others. Therefore, he cannot think, then he must keep his mouth shut.
He asked “What is the basis of it?”
And continued with his own perception as the basis. This line of argument is a form of aggravating issues. It should be noted that the Western Togoland issue has over and over again treated as criminal without arriving at a balanced solution. This simply means the thinking is wrong.
The basis of the agitation is humanitarian. Every human being can observe the plight of Western Togolanders in Ghana unless one deliberately closes to keep a savage heart. The Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland has critically observed the trend of the matter from the early days of German influence, through the World Wars, the Mandate system, the Trusteeship System, the plebiscite and the Union of Ghana and Western Togoland until the recent inflammation of tempers. This has made the PLC to suggest a solution to make Ghana and Western Togoland coherent. It is therefore worth thinking it over and seeing the wisdom in solving the issue once and for all than prescribing the same old dangerous dosages that doped some official into committing crimes with Ghana’s honourable coat of arms.


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