▪︎ PLC cannot encourage lawlessness in a country we are striving to form a Union with. We also pray that all moves to induce lawlessness must be restricted for a smooth transition into a harmonious UNION.
▪︎ It should also be clear that lawlessness in Ghana can affect the unionization process.
▪︎As to how the union should be, we will with all humility leave it in the hands of the appropriate authorities from both sides.
▪︎ On the part of Western Togoland, the representation on the table cannot be made until the appropriate authority is legally installed.
▪︎ We do not want to rush into it but we want all the necessary steps to be taken judiciously.
▪︎While we are educating the general public on the need to go by the U.N. Resolution 1044(XI) of 13th December 1956, there a funny WhatsApp audio in circulation that government has sent Western Togolanders to go round and seek the consent of the chiefs of Western Togoland if they agree on seperation. Such a trick is reminiscent of the past era of slave trade where chiefs were able to hand over their healthy citizens to slave traders for a few bunches of tobacco and some kegs of wine and bags of gunpowder. It must be understood that by 9th May 1956, civilization has long dawn on the people to take democratic steps to decide their future. The delusion that Africans are not matured to be self ruling was intentionally driven into the greedy self seeking elites to accept tinsel for gold. That is why both anglophone and francophone Africa is infested with stooges of colonial manipulators today. All we hear around us is “the election was rigged”, “ballot papers were stollen”, “pink sheet”, “go to court “, “no vote ” and many bloody incidents that characterise changeovers of government in these once colonized states wallowing in SHAM REPUBLIC. The people complain about the open and oppressive dictatorships only to replace leaders they claim practice the same. Once their former colonial masters give it a nod, that ends the game.
But let us come back to the coexistence of Western Togoland and Ghana. Our point is clear. The evolution of Western Togoland has already past the midnight of transition from Trusteeship to Union with an independent state of Ghana. The unfortunate situations that followed the event of the 9th May, 1956 plebiscite till now has found its roots in the misapplication of the U.N Resolutions that could make Western Togoland and Ghana a livid example of true freedom. Those who currently profess to be speaking on behalf of Western Togoland and the appropriate authorities in the mighty country called Ghana must not allow themselves to be overtaken by jungle law to blindfold the masses in their desperation to reverse the clock of evolution. The civilization of Ghana and Western Togoland must never go backwards, forward is the road that leads into peace and tranquillity. Not the opium type of tranquillity that keeps the people grovelling on the ground. Wake up Ghana and Western Togoland! The choice of who should decide the fate of the people does not lie in the hand of any colonial power, ancient or modern. Only competent rulers from both sides can solve and
fix this challenge and open for us all the sluice gates for an avalanche of sustainable development and harmonious coexistence.


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