PRO of PLC on President Akufo Addo ‘s 66th Independence Anniversary Speech and the Position of the PLC

The People’s Liberation Council PLC of Western Togoland wish to reiterate it’s firm commitment to the long held view that the government of Ghana backed by Britain was illegally occupying the territory of British Togoland since the dawn of Gold Coast independence in 1957.

In the above video, our Public Relations Officer who was granting that interview which seeks to make a strong point as regards President Akufo Addo’s 66th Independence anniversary Speech he delivered at Adaklu in which he admitted that the country Ghana could not have gotten where it is now but for the people of the Volta, Oti and parts of the Northern regions of Ghana that had the unique opportunity to choose to join Ghana at it’s independence.

The President may have said the truth, but what we must not forget is that the people of Western Togoland having made that decision to join their territory in Union with an Independent Gold Coast or Ghana had never been engaged by any institution or body like the UN or the then government of the Gold Coast as to the modalities to be followed to effect such a Union.

Indeed, the government of the then Gold Coast and the British government were impressed upon by the UN to take such steps as necessary for the fruition of the Union, as was done to the Gold Coast prior to it’s independence from colonial Britain.

Our PRO hit the hammer right on the nail when he asked where was the union agreement, where was the government of Western Togoland and which group of people sat at what meeting to take the decision on Western Togoland forming a Union between Ghana and Western Togoland.

These are some of the questions that have been asked by many people from the time of the independence of the Gold Coast till present but which have invariably received no serious answers.

We at the PLC will continue to press for our demand for the right thing to be done by taking all the necessary democratic and constitutional steps to effect that Union in the interest of peace and the stability of our two nations.

Long live Ghana, Long live Western Togoland and Long live Ghana Western Togoland UNION.


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