The People’s Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland wishes to draw the attention of the good people of Ghana and Western Togoland to some very important facts which have for over the past six decades been in the archives of the United Nations (UN) and other collaborative agencies pertaining to the independence of Western Togoland alongside the Gold Coast, but which has been swept under the carpet all these years.

1. At the first ever sitting of Ghana at the UN General Assembly following it’s independence and admission as a member of the Commonwealth and UN, the then British Foreign Secretary who represented the United Kingdom, alluded to the fact that British Togoland which was not a colony of his country but a UN Trust Territory under British administration had been granted independent status at the same time with it’s neighbor colonial Gold Coast, which was later to become Ghana.
A careful scrutiny of the statement made by the then British Foreign Secretary would reveal to any discerning mind that, Ghana’s occupation of Western Togoland for all these six decades is an illegality and travesty of Justice. We are affirming this because, should the statement by the British representative be anything to go by (which it really is), then the forceful integration of Western Togoland territory into Ghana by Kwame Nkrumah and his British collaborators was a clandestine move to actually annex Western Togoland which from all indications was granted freedom from British administration by the UN and had ceased to be a British administered territory.

2. This suggests in itself that British Togoland was supposed to be on its own with it’s political administration and institutions of governance at the same time the Gold Coast was allowed to do same prior to it’s independence from colonial Britain.

Sadly, nothing of this nature ever happened throughout the entire expanse of six decades and more, that Ghana has been occupying this independent territory, reducing the people of Western Togoland into semi citizens in their own land without any legal and constitutional leadership of their own.

3. The UN in it’s own wisdom, ensured that the treaty which placed Western Togoland under British administration was repealed prior to the independence of the Gold Coast which granted same status to British Togoland. What is baffling is the fact that no formal structures were ever put in place by the UN and the Commonwealth of nations which admitted Ghana into their fold as was done to Ghana.

We believe that
independent British Togoland deserves to be accorded similar privileges accorded to Ghana as we were both granted freedom from British administration at the same time.

4. Indeed Dr Kwame Nkrumah himself the Prime Minister of newly independent Ghana sent a message through Ghana’s representative to it’s first UN General Assembly meeting, in which he admitted the independence of Western Togoland or British Togoland alongside Ghana.

If it were not so, he would not single out Togoland under French rule, hoping that they also be granted independence by the French to enable them join the United Nations as the attached video shows.

5. Indeed Togoland under French rule was later granted independent status from the French and allowed to form it’s own government and was subsequently granted membership of the UN. So what has become of Togoland under British administration all these while?

6. We at the PLC dare challenge anyone who thinks that we do not have what it takes to govern ourselves as Kwame Nkrumah cleverly said at the time to deny us of our human rights and liberties to put out those opposing views for the perusal of the good people of Ghana and Western Togoland or forever shut up.

Infact the issue of Western Togoland and the agitations from it’s people which has become a thorn in the flesh of the government of Ghana leading to the arbitrary arrests and detention of some of the territory’s freedom fighters would never end until Ghana takes all legal and constitutional steps to REGULARIZE the UNION established between the two independent nation states by the UN resolution – of 1956.

7. It is true that everyone in the committee of nations today is aware of these facts we have laid bare and the earlier these things are rectified, the better it would be for the peaceful coexistence of Ghana and Western Togoland.

Let us once again be reminded that the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE THEY SAY IS THE VOICE OF GOD.



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  • Matthew Kerekou
    March 20, 2023

    I prefer we fight for the implimetation of the union than to be independent.

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