Today, the agitation for Western Togoland autonomy is taken as if it were an expression of the desire of a few gluttons or hungry jobless rogues. The level of perversion in the country Ghana is too high for the legitimacy of the agitation to be recognized. The actors who are fronting the agitation seem to be equally saturated with the qualities they profess to be running away from.
This has made the whole episode a circus and clown show. Not to be regarded as serious.
Despite the comical nature of the episodes surrounding the agitation for seperation serious threats to the future of coming generations are arising. Unwise venturing into violent vandalism is poking its dirty nose into the show and taking the lives of innocent ignorant citizens.
Against the seriousness of this dangerous trend of affairs, comes in the Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland (PLC) to put a halt to the approaching train of indiscriminate destruction.
The PLC has found that the agitation is rooted in the improper implementation of the British Colonial Authority’s administration of the Trust Territory of Togoland which she did together with the Gold Coast, with conflicting interests.
Disregarding all the wrongs that has transpired between then and now, the PLC has found a middle way which she sees as a noble path worth restoring human dignity among the Peoples of Western Togoland and Ghana without any further subservience to remote colonial commands.
This path will make Ghana and Western Togoland a masterpiece of dignified African internal cooperation and mutual development shall replace suppression and displeasure.
On March 6, 1957, the British Secretary of state for the colonies wrote a telegram (T/1301) to the Secretary-General of the United Nations confirming the Independence of the Gold Coast under its new name Ghana. In that same Telegram he informed the U.N. that the UNION between Ghana and Western Togoland (British Togoland) began.
This UNION was a unanimous decision of the U.N. and a popular vote by the people of Western Togoland for which the U.N instructed Britain to put in place the necessary arrangements for the establishment.
Since Britain did not competently administer Western Togoland, it became difficult for her to fulfil this command of the United Nations in accordance with the U.N. Resolution 1044 (XI) of 13th December 1956.
The U.N. also failed to make any due diligence verifying the veracity of the British claim. Documents establishing the UNION could have been the best evidence assuring the United Nations of a peaceful coexistence in sight.
The people of Western Togoland endured the unestablished UNION amid multitudes of Human Rights violations despite their dedicated commitment to the development of Ghana till date.
In order to suppress any form of gathering to deliberate on matters exclusively concerning Western Togoland a military regime which by Ghanaian and international standards was a criminal regime, passed a decree Prohibited Organisations Decree (SMCD 20) which also is a violation of articles 1 and 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Incidentally, the constitution of Ghana does not support discrimination or taking over the seat of government by the force of arms. And therefore by the books of Ghana, the said military regime and the said decree are criminal in content. Even though Ghana has not include this decree in her constitution, some people often fall on it to intimidate Western Togolanders.
Now, as tensions were rising with threats of war, the Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland has chosen to calm down the situation by advocating for good governance, promoting development, education and gender issues so that the general populace will thereby concentrate their energies on nation building instead of violence and destruction.
The middle way found by the PLC to solve the Western Togoland situation is to propose the implementation of the U.N. Resolution 1044 (XI) by the people of Ghana and Western Togoland themselves in an amicable way. This does not call for arms. It does not call for any form of tension. It only has to be done through education and organisation of civil coherence systematically towards the establishment of the UNION OF GHANA AND WESTERN TOGOLAND.
For the genuineness of the path chosen by the PLC, the organization has duly registered in Ghana at the Registrar General’s Department and at the Ho Municipal Assembly as required by law. The objectives of advocacy, governance, promotion of development, education and gender issues are being strictly adhered to as mandated by the law.
Since the people agitating for seperation are doing so out of frustration under the violation of their rights, the PLC is having it hard to educate the public to accept the choice of regularizing the UNION instead of drifting towards violence and seperation.
The PLC has been facilitating programs like environmental conservation sensitization, livelihood skills development and also development of sports and culture.
With the educational activities of the PLC more and more people are finding reason in the straightening of the bond between Western Togoland and Ghana.
The sudden arrest of the PLC Secretary-General over the name Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland as a prohibited organization is A BLOW TO THE PEACE BROKERING EFFORTS OF THE ORGANISATION. The case is still in court without any outcome since his arrest on 5th July 2020.
If the PLC Secretary-General who has been educating the public to abide by the Laws of Ghana, the international laws and the Laws of nature will now be turned into a scapegoat without him committing any crime and hanged the aforesaid SMCD 20 which in itself is a crime, setting aside the constitution of Ghana, WHAT THEN IS THE FUTURES OF GHANA.?? Does it mean that the violence that was fast approaching, against which the PLC is advocating, is rather preferred by the government of Ghana??. HOW CAN THIS PROHIBITED ORGANISATIONS DECREE (SMCD 20) help us build a peaceful UNION OF WESTERN TOGOLAND AND GHANA ???…


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