Peace be unto you. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you sincere warm greetings from the Chairman and the Steering Committee of the PEOPLES’ LIBERATION COUNCIL (PLC) OF WESTERN TOGOLAND. I am not a pulpits man but an element of luck  has made it possible for me to dehunch myself today by passing this information to you.
But before I deliver my message let us analyse this story.

A man was keeping under his care, a slave girl of his father together with his own slave boy. This man one day told his father to set the slave girl free because he was soon going to set his own slave boy free and would no longer be able to care for the slave girl alone. Soon after his father accepted the request the man again approached his father to arrange marriage between his slave boy and the free girl.

His father then gave the following instructions:.
1. Go and find out from the girl if she is interested in your boy.
2. Let them sign a marriage agreement ( a document stating clearly how the couple agree to live together).
3. Write a set of rules for guiding the couple in their freedom.
4. Set your slave boy also free.

What followed was that:

  1. The man and his slave boy went and did all sorts of things to come with the results that the lady has condescended.
  2. On the slave boy’s liberation day, the bridegroom (the slave boy) armed himself with his masters warriors, and forcibly went to the bride and then took her for a wife against all etiquette.
  3. The marriage contract was not signed.
  4. The man wrote a set of rules for the guidance of his free slave boy alone.
  5. The man went further and reported to his father that his slave boy is free on a particular eve and the marriage between his free slave boy and his father’s free slave girl is accomplished that eve.
    What can this attract, A CURSE OR BLESSINGS?

Fellow human beings, the father in this case is the U.N. The slave master, Britain; the slave boy, Gold Coast (now Ghana) and the slave girl, Western Togoland.
The intention to accept the marriage is indicated in the results of 9th May 1956 Plebiscite
The bachelor’s night was the eve of 5th and 6th March, 1957.
The rape action was when Kwame Nkrumah was supported with the West African Frontier Force of Britain to invade Western Togoland on 6th March, 1957 Killing scaring out the chiefs and the people at Alavanyo, Nkonya, Kpando, Hordzo, Hohoe, Takla, Tokokoe, Tanyigbe and many other communities just because they refused to raise Ghana flag on their land without going through the laid down procedure. Those who could have represent Western Togoland and sign the agreement were flushed out into exile. Then began the Ghanaian rule over Western Togoland.
The set of rules for the free slave boy is Ghana’s Independence Act of 1957 (which made no mention of Western Togoland as part of Ghana).

Generations arose from time to time demanding correction of the unholy marriage but like the Jews in former times Egypt Western Togolanders have so become adopted the corrupt life in Ghana that they think all is well. And the present-day Pharaohs too have their hearts hardened still.
Knowing ones have, however, unveiled the writings on the walls of the corrupt Babylon of our time.
The ceaseless governance failures and economic instability in Ghana since 1957 can be traced to the sorrows of the mishandled slave girl (Western Togoland). This curse shall never wane until the fulfilment of the words Kwame Nkrumah spoke on Polo Grounds that day: “The independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of Africa”
The curse coming from stealing Western Togoland into Ghana affects those who connive and condone that abominable deed even till date..
Ladies and gentlemen, we know you can genuinely confess that Ghana is a corrupt country. The relationship between drivers and the police is the minutest speck of the real corruption in Ghana.
A Ghanaian usually laughs heartily only when he is able to accomplish a corrupt mission. Oh Ghana! The foundation, the walls, the roofing, the contents, the doors, and the guards are all corrupt. That is why after 61 years, Ghana is still donor dependent..
We the Peoples of Western Togoland are now in a situation similar to that of the biblical Jews in Egypt. We are not free to practice righteousness in a land where everything goes against the Will of the Lord. Even our own people have become blind to the signs on the walls of Ghana. But no amount of comfort in Ghana now can bring us the necessary blessings we need if we do not strive to stop worshiping the idol of insincerity. The country Ghana was built on corruption. Those who know the history can tell you that there was a fictitious deal between Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the British Administration to smuggle Western Togoland into Gold Coast. They managed to contort a plebiscite to implicate the people in the deal. The process stopped there because the genuineness is missing. If the plebiscite results were the true desire of the people, they could have continued from there to sign the necessary Memorandum of Understanding for the proposed union. So the blood of those who were spilt to make Western Togoland a territory of Ghana, and the lamentations of the many souls who could have been better placed to do the Will of The Lord on earth are returning the fruits of corruption in Ghana and her accomplices in many folds.
But now, the message from the Chairman of the PLC is that, Western Togoland is going through an evolutionary process which requires the conscious effort of every individual to decide from deep within himself to effect a change in everything he does. The way we think, the way we speak and every movement of ours must reflect the life of freedom. Freedom from dishonesty, freedom from environmental pollution, freedom from all forms of nefarious deeds. The Chairman says. We must make the highest use of the least freedom we already have in preparing our land for the rest of freedom in store for us.
He says we must not wait for Ghana government to come and do things for us. They are aware that we shall in the long run come to be on our own so they have no serious plan to unmake the wrongs of the past 61 years. Encourage your members to form development groups. Let them undertake projects on their own. In doing things on your own lies your independence.
The Chairman says you are legally free to develop your surroundings, try as much as possible to do that to the glory of the Lord. You are free to teach your children moral lessons, do that to them from their infancy and show the difference between the Western Togolander and a Ghanaian by the culture you give your children. Love the environment and waste not the gifts of nature. YOU MUST CHANGE INTO WHAT IS NEW BECAUSE THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE FOR WESTERN TOGOLAND IS NOW AT YOUR DOORSTEPS.
At this juncture, we shall appeal to all religious leaders to take up the task of praying for a peaceful transition. Pray for Ghana and Western Togoland to obey the Creator’s Will and spill no blood in implementing His Will on earth this time. Remember to do this at all times. Let the congregation know and keep doing that wherever they may be. Tell the Children the truth and let them pray for that at all times. PEACE BE WITH YOU. MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU ALL..

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