???????????? My fellow countrymen, slowly but progressively we are moving towards our destination I want to express my sincere gratitude to you all for your cooperation amidst all odd circumstances. The Chairman and the Steering Committee of the Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland have been keenly watching your activities and are proud of you all for the ZEAL with which you have embraced the PLC agenda. Each member of the PLC Steering Committee has identified the efforts of many individuals among you for which we have become more confident in you. The Steering Committee members have asked me severally to express our gratitude to you all. To those who have taken it upon themselves to support the organization materially, morally, financially and in diverse ways we say BRAVO to you all.
Now as an admonition to you all, you shall all bear in mind that the eagle’s eyes are alerting us of your activities including those calculated to stifle our evolution. Let all nefarious enemies of the process advise themselves because the venom of the oppressed is about blast the venom glands.
You genuine ones in the process of our evolution must remain firmly focussed on the PLC agenda, for you cannot be ashamed for working to avert evil.
Since the PLC is only bent on doing only what is good for all, nobody should expect that we must sing lullaby to those who want to keep sleeping under the delusion the after all we are all Ghanaians.
And as a reminder to to those of you who see members of other groups as enemies or competitors, make sure this does not degenerate into something pleasant to the enemies of your cause. But above all, seeing the PLC as a threat is a sign of immaturity unless one has an evil driver under his physical cloak. The PLC on its note is always harping home its motto LIBERATION AND DEVELOPMENT. It is our strategy to make use of the amount of liberty we have in securing our lost freedom. So we shall exercise the best of our cultural values to make the world know that it is possible. It is true that divorce is bitter to one party or both, but a genuine divorce must be faithfully accepted by civilised partners. A person who wants to kill his partner and children for the sake of divorce is a lunatic. Let not Ghana or Western Togoland become like such a person.
We must learn to be kind and supportive to Ghanaians despite the amount of ill treatment we have had from them. But we must awake and be alert this time. If dogs were able to catch monkeys in former times the current monkeys must become wiser.

Before I answer that I will ask with all apology , if a Chinaman, an Indian or an aborigine kidnaps the queen of England and sends her into captivity providing her with by the best of his local care for a long time, must the English on that note allow their queen to remain a captive forever?
The genuineness of our demand for self determination lies in the truth that as all human beings are created equal we Western Togolanders are also worthy of walking on our own healthy feet than limping on the defective crutches of Ghana.

Everything! There is no justice in allowing a thousand and one wrongs to be committed against us before things doing what is right. Even if Ghana gives us the highest quality of what they are capable of giving as Ghanaians, that must never justify our being denied the right to be real human beings in our own blessed Western Togoland.

We seriously pity those citizens who with obtuse conscience stand against our demand for freedom. Blinded by the law, history or culture they studied in the Ghanaian context they cannot see how Ghana is systematically developing and executing the holocaust on them systematically. They should carefully open their eyes and watch the world around them. What is happening in our sister German colony of Cameroon, must ring the rising bells loud enough to rouse us from the enervating sleep that is leading us into total annihilation.
Sec. Gen.


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