• COMRADES, We are delighted to note that you are not perturbed by the lots of attempts being made by some people to discourage citizens from supporting the PLC agenda. You are aware that the enemy is trying to sow dissenting views into the minds of your leaders in order to create antagonism among the very people they profess to be delivering. Some base their area of delusion on maps calculated to cause confusion. Others raise voices of unity while deeply seated within them is disunity. He who is alert can detect the hypocrisy. The leaders of the PLC would be glad to see that Western Togolanders are more alert to reason beyond the hidden agenda of those distortionists.
    Talking of maps to divide attention now is of the past, because we are not out to destroy what is genuinely established. We would only seek clarification about implementations that turn to violate our rights. Should there be any law that is a disgrace to law makers we shall rather call attention to such clauses for the benefit of humanity in general. We know that Ghana has her territories well defined at independence. U.N. resolution 1068 emphasises adherence to that. We are only holding on to that. Trans Volta Togoland or whatever name by which we were called immediately before the independence of Ghana stands clearly out of the way of Ghana. So dear comerades, those who want stop all other efforts of emancipation are only blind the fact that in a farm of many tracks, not all the labourers line up in the same track. Wise pace setters or leaders will always collaborate with others, seek their progress and support them to succeed on their chosen paths which in the final analysis is progress for all parties on the field. There is no benefit in setting snares for your neighbours or putting hurdles on their paths.
    We of the PLC have chosen to make use of the amount of liberty we have for the benefit of all while we press forth for the rest of independence we deserve. There is no reason for us to suspend all activities and trail others who do not even believe in our concept. We are ready to collaborate with others who share same values with us. We shall help them to achieve only what is noble but not at the cost of destroying the good values that we cherish.

The PLC admonishes all true Western Togolanders to believe alert and spare no time on what people say about others. You must be progressive and not destructive. He who has something better to give the world has no time to spend on harming others. TAKE CARE, LEST YOU BECOME A WILLING TOOL OF THE DEVIL.


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