Misinformation About The Union Of Western Togoland And Ghana

Misinformation About The Union Of Western Togoland And Ghana

With reference to the news in this link http://opr.news/47334958200928en_gh?client=newslite and other forms of misinformation about the UNION of Western Togoland and Ghana, I am stressing on behalf of the Peoples’ Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland in Australia and Asia that the PLC does not believe in any agreement under which Western Togoland was made to serve Ghana for fifty years. There was the BOND OF 1844 under which Gold Coast was to serve Great Britain for ONE HUNDRED YEARS. Okay, but there was never a time nor an occasion when Western Togoland signed to be colonized by Ghana for any number of years. The results of the 1956 plebiscite was a gesture of trust in the coexistence of Western Togoland and Ghana which must, in the highest form of human relations, remain forever. But it could not have been for enduring perpetual unconditional suppression. This is why the PLC is calling for a review the UNION to regularize its operation.
Nobody can agree that the UNION has been smooth running unless that person has had the favour of Ghanaians in one way or another. But no serious agreement could allocate for favouritism.
There is no tangible reason to believe there was any agreement over Western Togoland after the termination of the U.N. Trusteeship Agreement because Western Togoland at that time was not having any form of government to sign on her behalf.
Whoever must be propagating the delusive information of 50 years agreement must be deliberately or ignorantly working for a backward force.
We here are beginning to hear and read those comments are malicious orchestrations of people who by some means, want to close their eyes and lock their intuition against the plight of the people, which is the basic cause of their agitation.
Certainly, we of the PLC in Australia and Asia, hold the same commitment of the PLC all the world over, and seriously condemn all forms of violence and any unconstitutional behaviour, but we do not agree with suppression of man by man either. We are therefore supplicating to the rapporteurs, commentators, and leaders of the various fighting fronts as well as advisors of Ghana Government to ignore all forms of diversion from the main objective of the plebiscite which indicated the decision of the people of Western Togoland on May 9, 1956 to go into UNION with the Gold Coast when it became independent.
THANK you.

David Kofi Bokor
PLC – Coordinator
Australia and Asia.

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