GOOD MORNING FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS IN GHANA AND WESTERN TOGOLAND. I bring to you tidings of hope, peace and Love this first day of the year 2019.

The year 2018 had finally gone down and away with many favourable and unfavourable currents.Surely, as a natural phenomenon the year 2019 will also bring along its favourable and unfavourable currents. But what I want us all to know and that even if favourable currents flow towards Ghana and Western Togoland,  they can only bring good omen if we deserve it by casting seeds of goodness. The same applies to the unfavourable currents which are naturally bound to flow in. They shall do no harm if we cast  no harmful seeds into creation.

I shall therefore appeal to you all in the struggle for sovereignty of Western Togoland  to see and treat each other with love and justice. I shall also request that you do the same to Ghana, your current oppressors. They are only not aware of the blessed gains they will have if Western Togoland is free. The supposed union between Western Togoland and Ghana is rather being destroyed by the current trend of affairs propelled by the reactions of  the Ghanaian politicians to the awakening on  in Western Togoland concerning its sovereignty.

Should all concerned seriously review the situation carefully, they will come to the realisation of the fact that Justice and Love cannot be seperated. They will also come to know that the truth cannot be suppressed forever. And so long as the demand for the application of justice kept recuring despite all forms of intimidation, it must be made clear that the demand by Peoples’ cannot be suppressed forever.  The best a good government in Ghana could do is to think of a better deal with the government of Western Togoland.

Now, where is that government of Western Togoland for the government of Ghana to strike the deal with? This is the very thing the PLC is preparing the people to establish for themselves. It shall be a constitutionally established government of the Peoples of Western Togoland. The hopes and aspirations of the various groups will be harmonized for the benefit of the people. The fears of Western Togolanders whose wealth and security is in Ghana will vanish. The joy of living together in harmony will triumph. Ghana too will become free. And the world will experience the better side of true freedom in Africa.

I wish  you all a better experience of Western Togoland – Ghana relation this year.