PLC Calls for Establishment of Tree Nurseries To Keep Western Togoland Clean, Cool And Green

PLC Calls for Establishment of Tree Nurseries To Keep Western Togoland Clean, Cool And Green

The Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland calls for the establishment of tree nurseries in every district to support the PLC in its environmental awareness programs for the year. In his monthly message to the Peoples of Western Togoland this February, the Chairman of the PLC, Mr. Ben Kossi Adeli, has made a passionate appeal to all Paramount Chiefs to get involved in Climate Change mitigation measures, because the situation is real.

He appealed to the general public to take advantage of this year’s early rains and nurse tree seedlings for planting arbors, woodlots, analog forests, energy forests, ornamental gardens and and to undertake other climate change mitigation projects. He also called on District Assemblies and schools to collaborate with the PLC in creating public awareness on the importance of the trees to humanity.

He said the PLC believes that the attention of the general public towards keeping Western Togoland CLEAN, COOL AND GREEN is not for the benefit of Western Togolanders alone but for humanity in general. He prayed that all Municipal and District Assemblies allocate a proportion of their budget mainly for purchasing tree seedlings for planting by school children and youth volunteers in every community.

By doing so, he said, they will participate in our campaign to reverse the deforestation and degradation of the natural environment. He said PLC’s mandate of good governance includes environmental governance, and appeals to both public and private sectors including churches and schools to get involved in this year’s Climate action to save our planet Earth.


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