Fellow citizens of Western Togoland:

I am highly gladdened to receive news that the truth about our efforts towards the restoration of Western Togoland is coming to light. I am glad, not only because people are understanding what we really mean by restoration, but also because communities are collaborating with us to guide them into self-reliance. Reports within the first three weeks after issuing our New Year Message have proved to me that communities are being inspired to put the principle of self-reliance into practice as we have called for it. Many people at first attempted to disregard anything Western Togoland. They doubt if anything good can come out of Western Togoland, but they will later embrace it with a better understanding and greater commitment.

Now the work has reached the level of the intelligentsia and the technocrats, but judging by appearances, those who carry the messages now will rather keep us all, even the highly learned ones, fettered in lethargic mental slavery that makes people think that black people are subhumans.

Please, discard all prejudices! Drop any form of malicious comments! Face the fact that we must strive to make this world a better place to live in. Then you will come to the realization that a free Western Togoland is needed for the great up-building that Ghana must strive for.

I want to congratulate all the various groups mushrooming on the ground, and encourage them to competitively get involved in noble deeds as we strive to make Western Togoland a prosperous State.

Every district is encouraged to take advantage of these year’s early rainfalls and establish tree nurseries for planting to mitigate the effects of the global climate change. We should not take it as a joke, Climate Change is real, and we must all act to save our planet Earth. The Municipal and District Assemblies must make budgetary allocation to support this year’s Climate Actions. Churches and schools must also support the Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland for this year’s Climate Actions without holding any prejudice against the name Western Togoland. The various groups, whether political, social or professional, should also put into their plans a serious consideration for supporting activities related to the climate Action initiated by the PLC. Each District Assembly could support by providing at least 10,000 seedlings for planting by all communities.

Every chapter (development group) must mobilize their community and the nearby ones in planting flowery arbors, community woodlots, analog forests, energy forests, agro-forests, sacred groves, wind breaks and ornamental gardens as well as taking other climate change mitigation measures. Communities may contact the PLC Secretariat for land use planning to promote their environmental management and climate change mitigation activities.
While the effects of today’s actions may not necessarily be immediately felt by everyone now, our negligence may soon exact bitter experiences on us and subsequent generations. So, we must go into action now to save ourselves and the generations to come.

We shall not limit our work to climate or environmental governance alone. As gender issues are part of our mandate, we invite the general public to join us in drawing attention to women and children for the sake of present and future generations. We want to remind women of today that in the culture of all the ethnic groups IN WESTERN TOGOLAND, THE FEELING OF SHAME IS THE BEGINNING OF NOBLE WOMANHOOD. And certainly the calibre of people in every family depends on the womanly influence. We surely honor men because women do not bring children into the family by drinking water but the nobility of a family depends on the homemaker. Therefore if women call out for equality we shall do well to understand it in the sense of equal values.

We must also pay attention to human rights and conduct ourselves in a civilized manner in order to restore human dignity in Ghana and Western Togoland relations. It is only difficult if we intentionally refuse to reason that the long standing misunderstandings must be resolved.

Proper attention must be paid to building healthy societies through promotion of sports and culture. The Western Togoland Liberation Giraffe shall operate in Ghana and Western Togoland to enhance full pleasure and leisure through recreational activities. We implore your support for this sports and cultural wing to promote sporting beyond boundaries.

The development groups in every community must work in collaboration with the Council of Elders in order to ensure lawfulness in everything they do. The PLC shall not accept any form of disobedience to the Council of Elders which is to be a network of Traditional Rulers, Legal Experts, Conflict Resolution Experts and experienced senior citizens. This setup is already within our traditional cultural heritage and we must cherish it for a dignified sustainable development.
Every community is capable of drawing its own development plan and making use of the amount of liberty they have to secure all other things that they need. We know that you are capable of helping yourselves and extending help to others too. And that is what it means by Independence or self-reliance.
To those who misconstrue our call for constitutional sovereignty, I want to emphasize here again that, the PLC is never going to form a government of its own to rule Western Togoland. Neither is the PLC going to connive with any group or groups to form a syndicate to rule the Peoples. It must be clearly understood that any unconstitutional attempt to form a government to rule Western Togoland is a crime. Those who are so eager for political power must first think of the welfare of the people and act logically and legally.
We can then become proud of them because all generations shall find their progress and harmony as the result.
Thank you. Peace be with you all.

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