Today, 3rd March, 2020 is World Wildlife Day. This day is being celebrated throughout the whole world with the theme “Sustaining all life on Earth”.

This surely encompasses all wild animal and plant species as key components of the world’s biodiversity. But not excluding human beings who themselves are the major actors in fashioning things out of all that can be found on earth.

To sustain life on earth has never been a problem until human beings have taken to excessive ambition to acquire wealth without care for the natural environment. If this planet would be devoid of human existence, plants, animals and elemental activities of substantiate beings will blend harmoniously without the degradation that is identified with human activities these days. Yet the presence of human beings on earth is the necessary event that is capable of setting the earth aglow with marvellous activities to reflect the spiritual origin of man.

As we are celebrating this year’s World Wildlife Day, today, the Peoples’ Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland, wishes to remind all individuals, all communities and all organizations that biodiversity conservation is a responsibility for all mankind. That without plants on the surface of the earth humanity will become extinct, simply because there will no longer be any breaking down of the carbon dioxide we exude for us to obtain the oxygen we need to survive. There will be no windbreaks to save our dwelling places. There will be no moisture in our atmosphere and there will be no hope for the survival of any other life. This is proven by the fact that one has to carry oxygen along to survive on the moon because there are no plants over there.

Now, the effect of climate change on our planet Earth is alarming. The snow on Iceland is melting, the greenhouse effect on humans and animals cannot be managed by any earth dweller except man. Tracing the root cause of all these takes us to human inconsiderate use of natural resources.

In our effort to restore resilience and climate change mitigation the PLC is working out on a plan of action to promote the cultivation of planted forests, analogue forestry, agroforestry, woodlot plantation and floral arbours all over Western Togoland. Although the PLC has not got the state power to commandeer national resources for this purpose, our humble appeal goes to all and sundry to join us in this exercise to save our globe. We on earth cannot plant trees on Iceland to combat climate change, it is rather within the tropics that we have to intensify our efforts to save all others on the planet.

We are therefore appealing to all the world to support Western Togoland to take up the climate action on behalf of us all. And we are encouraging all the various groups that we have mobilized in readiness for development to play their respective roles pertaining to the restoration process. Those who are in the position of seed collection and those into tree nursery, must all intensify their efforts. Those who may not be able to collect seeds or nurse trees for planting may give moral and financial support to others to help us achieve our target of FIFTY THOUSAND TREES PER DISTRICT this year.

We are also calling on all communities in Western Togoland to formulate and enforce bye-laws to protect the vegetation. This means there must be a collaboration between the communities and the relevant institutions in managing the environment.

In formulating national policies on the environment, the PLC recommends that necessary arrangements be made to create the most ideal condition for wildfire prevention. This will also serve the whole world in carbon sequestration as well as mitigation of the greenhouse effect on earth dwellers.

We hope everyone will be proud to play a significant role in “Sustaining all life on Earth”.

Thank you.

S. G.


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