KUSAASE is one of the major languages spoken in the Northern part of Western Togoland.  There are various dialects close to the Western Togoland’s boundaries with Burkina Faso and Republic of Togo. Our carrying education to the most deprived areas of Western Togoland is one of the projects being undertaken by the Peoples’ Liberation Council of Western Togoland.  This column is devoted to the spreading information on Western Togoland in Kusaase for the benefit of those who might not be able to listen to or read our messages in any other than Kusaase.

We hope to do likewise to other languages within Western Togoland. We also hope to provide hard copies of educational materials for all as we progress. You may kindly donate to support PLC EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES for wider coverage..


You will be glad to follow us in the following audio presentations KUSAASE.