This edition of the “Questions and Answers on Western Togoland” was presented on Saturday, 27th February 2021 at the Western Togoland Situation Room of Trend Africa TV by Mr. Seth Mifetu. You may clink on this link for a play back:

Q. Is there an archive in Western Togoland from where we can obtain facts to support your movement?
A. There is no need for archival studies to react to contemporary events that trample on the rights of the people and at the same time damage the image of Ghana. However you can Google search the following items without much laborious and expensive probing into archaic scrolls in a museum in Western Togoland.
a) Ghana Independence Act 1957.
b) Gold Coast (Constitution) Order in Council 1957.
c) Dzelukope Treaty 1867.
d) Anglo-German Treaty 1890.
e) Map of Africa by Treaty Vol. II by Sir Edmund Hertslet KCB 1896.
f) Article 5 of Trusteeship Agreement.
g) Cabinet Memo C.(54) 169 of 19th May 1954 Memorandum.
h) Paragraph 134 of Plebiscite Report.
i) UN General Assembly Discussion 1955.
j) TISR.649 English Page 4. General Assembly Resolution 860 (IX): The Togoland Unification Problem and Future of the Trust Territory of Togoland Under United Kingdom Administration (T/1206; T/1206/Add; T/1213; T/L.621) continued).

Q. Is that the basis for which you Western Togolanders have resorted to vandalism and acts of violence?
A. Any careful observer can easily suspect that the recent acts of vandalism and security threats in the Volta Region is a drama remotely orchestrated to tarnish the image of Western Togoland. Those acts of violence have no bearing on the real actors in the advocacy for restoration of the Western Togoland as a noble state. We would not talk much about such thing. Let us concentrate on what will be of benefit to the UNION of Western Togoland and Ghana.
Q. Are Western Togolanders ready for the union?
A. I must be frank to tell you that both Ghana and Western Togoland need to undergo an serious mental liberation to understand what the union means to them. Without stretching out the loving hand from both sides we shall both remain doomed forever.
Q. Is it true that Ghana has invited Western Togoland to provide a Vice President, for the establishment of the UNION?
A. Please, please, please! Only a sick mind can conjure up such falsehood. Whoever generates such falsehood must be insulting his audience because it is never reasonable in any sense. Western Togolanders must rather be working hard toward internal self determination which both Ghana and Western Togoland are seriously short off.
Q. What is the internal self determination that the PLC says Ghana and Western Togoland need? Are you no more fighting for independence?
A. The Union of Western Togoland and Ghana is an independent state by records but that is a sham independence. They lack the true self determination as a country. That is why they are always controlled by external forces. They manage themselves to benefit others. They go round looking for loans and exploiters. The ultimate result is perpetual servitude. We cannot promote such a lust for political power.
Some of the communities show commendable examples of self determination. In Tsito, all the stages of education from Kindergarten to university are community initiatives. The health post and Maternity Clinic and all other installations were built with communal labour. They even donated their extra hospital equipment to Ho Municipal Hospital. They have their own National Anthem.
Go to Abutia Kloe, and you will not see plastic waste on the streets or backyards. Go to Mepe and other towns and you will notice results of their communal spirit. Without this type of determination to make use of the freedom you have, you will continue looking for independence for life.
We shall later provide full lectures on self determination and you will realize as miserable the perverted situation you consider as political independence.
Q. What else it the PLC preaching apart from the union of Western Togoland and Ghana?
A. Our advocacy is an integration of all forms of governance, education, development and gender issues. That is why we are also into environmental conservation activities. We are closely observing how some people in authority connive with individuals in Western Togoland to plunder your natural resources. We shall come out with our pressure on them to do the right thing. Right now as we are here, Western Togoland is getting infested with galamsey of wood, sand, salt and light mineral resources. You must note very well that there must be a serious change in the way things went on for the past hundred years. Our admonition is not for Western Togoland alone. We mean the whole UNION of Western Togoland and Ghana.
You must note well that Britain did not complete her work on Western Togoland. Neither did she properly prepare Ghana for independence. That is why the shameful domination of one country by the other must not be considered as a Union. A proper union shall bring out the real nobility in you. And you shall both develop without any external control.
Q. What are your elites and industrialists saying about your agenda?
A. Human intellect fails to receive wisdom when it comes through the lowly, but the wise and the prudent are gradually seeing the light.
Q. Are you going to celebrate Ghana’s Independence Day?
A. Why not? Here, in the U.S, we all celebrate America’s Independence. There in Ghana, that day is a very memorable day for the UNION OF WESTERN TOGOLAND AND GHANA. We hope the intimidation of Western Togolanders shall soon cease so that we can give a proper meaning to our joint activities in a grander style.
Q. What does the PLC thinks Ghana must do other than inviting you to sign a Union agreement?
A. Invite who? We are not, and we are not going to be the government of Western Togoland. You are aware that it is only Western Togolanders who voted for union. Ghana must therefore, evolve from being an occupational force into being a faithful partner in the Union of Ghana and Western Togoland by creating an enabling environment for the harmonious coexistence. Then other things shall automatically develop.
Thank you.


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