We continue today with the questions and answers as we stated in our last episode. But before then let us observe this video and share some of our observations.

[News video Interlude]

Welcome bact. This is just a minute example of things that are damaging the UNION OF WESTERN TOGOLAND AND GHANA; But you can observe that even under the pressure of working Western Togolanders against each other to disrupt the traditional harmony between ethnic groups of Western Togoland and Ghana, Western Togolanders have remained committed to maintaining the UNION between Western Togoland and Ghana.

Q. Some people say they are not from Western Togoland so they are less concerned. What do you have for them?
A. They don’t love Ghana. If Ghana’s own laws are causing her some harm does it need to be a Western Togolander before a good citizen could speak out?
Q. Some people say they don’t want to hear the name Western Togoland at all.
A. They have the right to form their opinion but that cannot brand the name a crime upon that.
It is not necessary to be a Western Togolander before a good citizen can recognise that a discriminatory law is a disgrace to Ghana.
It is not only Western Togolanders that must know that Ghana too shall become noble if there is a proper union of the two countries.
It does not require being a Western Togolander before knowing that a breach of peace between Western Togoland and Ghana is dangerous to Ghanaians everywhere in Ghana and Western Togoland.
A lawyer with a real inner call to the service can easily point out his own country’s fault and call for correction without being a Western Togolander.

Q. Is it wrong for Ghana to remain as it is now without a separate state called Western Togoland?
A. Yes, It is totally wrong for Ghana to remain slumbering in this wretched state of infidelity, insecurity and underdevelopment while taking her pride in colonizing a neighbouring state that has rather voted to be in UNION with Ghana. It is wrong to prohibit the development of Western Togoland which has faithfully come to form a union with Ghana. All efforts at making Western Togoland a nonentity in Africa is criminal. Ghana’s decree (SMCD 20 of 1976) is a crime against humanity.
Ghana’s present status as an occupational force in Western Togoland is a total disgrace to Ghana as the champion of African liberation. It is hypocritical to recite Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s expression “the independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of Africa” and turn round to suppress Western Togolanders in this sham union.
Q. What is sham about the UNION?
A. Everything! From the onset, U.K. failed to make the necessary arrangements for the establishment the union but rather supported Gold Coast to invade and occupy Western Togoland. Since then the identity of Western Togoland and the humanhood of Western Togolanders has been denied. To interpret invasion as union is a scam. This scam has misled member states of the U.N. into believing that the union is in place. Where is the UNION when one party has no right to be identified with anything good. Where is the UNION when citizens from one side must endure all forms of human right abuses because they have voluntarily chosen to be part of the whole? We just don’t want to spark something else by citing examples. The whole union is a sham. It must be regularized! Ghana stands the chance to regain her honour if she takes the first step.
Q. What is the first step that Ghana must take?
A. Recognize Western Togolanders as human beings equally deserving every rights and freedoms as all other human beings.
Q. But are they not free in Ghana?
A. They are not! They are not free when they are brainwashed to hate the name of their state. They are not free when they must feel ashamed to speak their languages in Ghana. They are not free when they must change their names before gaining employment in Ghana. They are not free when they can be easily murdered for ritual purposes. They are not free when they do not have the freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of movement and many more others. They are not free when they can be sacked from office without cause.
They are not free when you also do not understand their plight in Ghana!
Q. What does the UNION mean to Ghana?
A. Plenty! The collective decision to advance together, and the healthy competition to suppot one another are already a sign of progress, the results of which will make Ghana the kind of leader she is supposed to be in Africa.
Ghana’s destiny is in her noble union with Western Togoland because, majority of the human resources for nation building come.


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