27th February, 2023

SUBJECT: Press Release

RECIPIENT: All Media Houses

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,


” Those who deny freedom to others cannot keep it for themselves; and under a just God, cannot long retain it.”……… Abraham Lincoln

With reference to the above subject matter recently given wide publicity both in the mainstream Ghanaian media and social media platforms clearly sending a strong signal that the government of the republic of Ghana is adamant and bent on holding the country’s 66th anniversary on a territory designated as part of Western Togoland, we at the
the Peoples Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland wishe to make some reactions to the development as follows:

1. The PLC wishes to once again reiterate its earlier position as contained in a press release issued by our communicatios bureau on January 30th 2023, when the news first broke of Ghana’ s intention to host it’s 66th birthday celebrations in Western Togoland territory that, the move by the government of Ghana was ill informed and clandestinely geared towards throwing dust into the eyes of the good people of Ghana and Western Togoland as it amounted to trespassing into another nation’s territorial boundaries.

2. The PLC wonders why the current leadership of the republic of Ghana is hell bent on holding the Independence parade in Ho instrad of the usual venue of the independece square where the ceremony has been held for the past 6 decades. Is it not just a clever ploy on the part of the government of Ghana to make the people of the Volta region and for that matter Western Togoland think that they have their interest at heart so as to continue to recolonize the territory and to continue its annexation as was done clandestinely by Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah with the collaboration of his British and UN cohorts?

3. The PLC further wishes to state that the theme chosen for the celebration; Our Unity, Our Strength, Our Purpose seems to suggest that there is some level of disunity between the various regions in the republic of Ghana, and yes that is so because the territory of Western Togoland has voted in that infamous 1956 Plebiscite to join our territory in UNION with an independent Gold Coast but sadly that UNION was never implemented by successive governments of Ghana and so thers that disunity between the two states which we believe that the government of Ghana is aware of hence the theme for the occasion so to suggest that the people of Ghana and Western Togoland were one people united in purpose.

4. The PLC re- echoes our call to the government of Ghana that not until the necessary constitutional and democratic measures are taken to effect that UNION the people of Western Togoland voted for which actually reflected their manifest aspirations, restoring to the people of Western Togoland their dignity, liberty and freedom, Ghana and its political leaders will continue to make decisions with dire socio- economic consequences for that nation.

5. Let it be known to the government of the republic of Ghana that the people of Western Togoland are not in favor of celebrating Ghana’s 66th Independence anniversary on our territory in the name of unity, strength and purpose as that is a travesty of Justice and an infringement on the liberties of the people of Western Togoland.

Let us be reminded once again that THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE IS THE VOICE OF GOD!!!

Issued by the Communicatios Bureau of the PLC of Western Togoland.


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