Many people have been questioning why the PLC chose to involve itself in Western Togoland affairs while it is outlawed in Ghana to support any organisation or activity that will promote self determination of the people of the former Trust Territory of Togoland Under British Administration.
The answer is simple. Self determination in itself is not criminal unless the parties involved engage themselves in criminal activities. The PLC has always been insisting that the people should proceed constitutionally in order to attain restoration of Western Togoland as a noble State. What wrong is it if any or all states in Ghana become noble? We insist that becoming a noble state does not require any criminal activity. Natural Laws, international laws and the laws of all countries support nobility. The United Nations Organization has given credence to self-ruling to the extent that it has even declared a decade for decolonisation.
The process of Western Togoland’s decolonisation must not be allowed to degenerate into lawlessness. The PLC as a development oriented advocate organisation cannot achieve her objectives in an environment of chaos and confusion. That is why we are addressing all Ghanaians and Western Togolanders in our public educational activities.
You are all aware of the process that the United Nations Trusteeship System has taken the Togolands through until the independence of Ghana which is tied to the Western Togoland by some circumstances. You are also aware that the PLC is in full support for the union of Ghana and Western Togoland, a process backed by resolutions of the international community. You know very well that a nation cannot become self ruling without going through the process of self-determination which involves education and an orderly public engagement in nation building. This process was outlined in the U.N Trusteeship Agreement part of which the U.K. did whilst Western Togoland was under her Administration. You will notice that education, which is paramount to harmonious development, was not judiciously undertaken in Togoland by the British Administration. All the schools in the territory were either missionary or community initiatives.
You can also bear with me that infrastructural development in the territory under British administration was very poor, a deficiency inherited and maintained by Ghanaian rulers as a tradition till date. There are many other commitments under the Trusteeship Agreement which the British authorities could not fulfill before leaving the scene. This has left a gulf of incoherence between Ghana and Western Togoland even now.
In order to continue from where the British left and bridge the gap between Western Togoland and Ghana, the PLC has chosen to engage itself in public education and all the processes outlined in the U.N Trusteeship Agreement without violating any law. The unfortunate situation is that there is public misconception of self-determination among Ghanaians and Western Togolanders. This misconception has made the name Western Togoland a taboo name which marks every good thing under it as bad. This unfortunate situation has gone a long way to affect the reasoning of government and people in authority to act unwisely in dealing with citizens of Western Togoland leading to aggravation of situations. This same unfortunate situation has led a lot of Western Togolanders to believe that self-determination must be rudely pursued. In this case one must either shy away from the name Western Togoland or chain oneself to the masses even if one’s conscience does not permit so.
The People’s Liberation Council of Western Togoland is however determined to remain deviant in this situation and pursue a path that will lead to the harmonious coexistence of Western Togoland and Ghana as well as paving the way for a greater regional integration.
We shall therefore continue to proceed constitutionally, guide public thoughts into reasoning why we do what we do.
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