My dear countrymen of Western Togoland and Ghana, I sincerely salute you all from the very deepest part of my whole being. I am seriously touched by the unsavoury events on the ground that has been causing restlessness to every genuine lover of peace today. This cannot lead to the accomplishment of the task ahead of us this year. The issue of Western Togoland – Ghana relation is unreasonably drifting towards insecurity, even to the extent that the very architects of your peace are being hunted simply because they stand in the way of those who would not like to see the harmonious coexistence between Western Togoland and Ghana.

The Peoples Liberation Council of Western Togoland has closely observed circumstances prevailing on the ground and has come out with a plan of activities that will stay put the clandestine intention of remote elements that are seeking corrupt gains from the deterioration of relations in the sub-region. Our programs are specially designed to benefit all parties and therefore I should appeal to you once again to carefully study what we are saying so that you do not throw the baby away with the bathwater. This will only delay the progress of Ghana and Western Togoland so I am seriously admonishing the leaders of the various groups to work seriously against the false conception that independence automatically calls for bloodshed. Please, take note that independence simply means self-reliance and without the right attitude one cannot become self-reliant. This is why we also propose the launching of the PLC soon in order to chart a paradigm shift from the dependency to determination for sustainable development in Ghana and Western Togoland.

I should remind you that within the international laws, there is the law of war. But as things now stand, there are no acceptable justifications (jus ad Bellum) in the case of Western Togoland, so we must not allow this our this noble cause to be diverted into a deliberate repetition of the savage past.

I must also appeal to the administrators of Ghana not to allow their official intelligence to be misused to promote diabolical plans of bloodthirsty vampires.

Do not forget what I told you at the beginning of this year that this is a year in which the misconceptions and misunderstandings must be resolved. Rightly understood, restoration of Western Togoland will be a monumental achievement for Ghana.

We know who we are and we must not work against that which has naturally brought us together as the vanguards of African Integrity.


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