Was Ghana Founded On Freedom and Justice or Insincerity? – The Big Question

The Oxford dictionary defines ‘Freedom’ as:

a) The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.

b) The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

Whiles ‘Justice’ has been defined by the Mirrriam Webster’s dictionary as:

a) The maintenance or administration of what is just, especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims.

b) The quality of being just; righteousness; equitableness or moral rightness: To uphold the justice of a cause.

Whereas the Cambridge dictionary defines Insincerity thus:

a) The quality of not expressing genuine feelings.

b) The action or practice of pretending to feel something that you do not really feel.

The above are some of the dictionary definitions of “Freedom and Justice,” two democratic words embedded in the national emblem of the republic of Ghana – The Coat of Arms.

Indeed, Ghana has since it’s independence from British Colonial rule been touted as the beacon of hope, freedom and Justice among the community of nations in the West Africa sub-region, Africa and the rest of the world.

But sadly, these two words in the Coat of Arms of Ghana have over the years lost their meaning and significance, making any analytical mind wonder if really Ghana was built on the those two golden words or rather on Insincerity.

One is tempted to say this because the actions and inactions of Ghana in relation to the issue of Western Togoland goes a long way to suggest to any discerning mind that Ghana has derailed from her trump card of Freedom and Justice.

The definition and significance of these two golden words have lost their meaning as a nation which was supposed to be defending it’s citizens and others on the continent and doing justice to worthy causes for the defence of human rights and dignity based on the rule of law, has been found wanting in these direction.

Many Ghanaians and Western Togolanders have in recent years been arbitrarily arrested, detained without lawful charges and some have been incarcerated with others languishing and even dying in jail with Ghana’s leaders who were supposed to be upholding Freedom and maintaining Justice looking on and supervising such inhumane atrocities metered out to Western Togolanders who have been genuinely pressing to have their rights and freedoms restored to them by the government of Ghana and it’s people who have been illegally occupying Western Togoland territory since the dawn of Ghana’s independence.

Indeed one is tempted to believe that the founding fathers of Ghana, too on the list Dr Kwame Nkrumah laid the foundations of the this nation not on Freedom and Justice, but rather on blatant falsehood and Insincerity.

1. Was Ghana really founded on Freedom and Justice?

2. Where is the Freedom and Justice for the people of Western Togoland?

3. How long will Ghana continue to abuse and trample upon the rights and Freedoms of the people of Western Togoland?

4. How long will the international community and the United Nations (UN) look on unconcerned while these injustice is perpetrated on the people of Western Togoland?

These are some of the nagging questions on the lips of many citizens and sympathizers of Western Togoland but which have invariably met with unsatisfactory answers over the years.

As to whether Ghana was founded and built on Freedom and Justice or Insincerity, let the discerning reader draw the conclusion.

By People’s Liberation Council (PLC)Communications bureau.


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