The Peoples: Liberation Council (PLC) of Western Togoland in a public education program at YouTube program explained the expectation of Western Togolanders from Ghana’s Legislators. In the opinion of the PLC, Western Togoland and Ghana are in an established UNION since 1957. Although there were no documents on the said UNION Western Togolanders have faithfully helped Ghana to stand as a nation. The PLC sees it as a natural obligation for Ghana to reciprocate the good turn that Western Togolanders did to Ghana by cooperating and collaborating to build Western Togoland into a noble state.

In the opinion of the PLC, such cooperation will set the grounds for a better, greater regional integration. According to the PLC, the existing cultural, social and economic conditions coupled with the traditional linhages are the basic conditions for establishing a reasonable union between Western Togoland and Ghana as well as expanding such a union into a greater regional integration involving neigghbouring states who also bear similar ties with Western Togoland and Ghana.

The PLC has noted that Western Togolanders are agitating for secession due to the dehumanization they meet in Ghana but in the opinion of the PLC THE UNION MUST RATHER BE REGULARIZED INSTEAD OF SEPERATION.

The PLC has also taken cognisance of the high involvement of the U.N. in arriving on the choice of the UNION for which Western Togolanders voted in the plebiscite of 9th May 1956. Accordingly, the volition of the people must be respected.

The PLC has taken to social media information dissemination for public education because the authorities in Ghana have wrongly branded everything Western Togoland as criminal and would not allow the Ghanaian press to publish the good news of Western Togoland.
Above all identified Western Togolanders are targeted and persecuted under an obnoxious military decree directed against Western Togolanders contrary to international human rights laws.
We publish below, the presentation made by the PLC Coordinator for the USA and Canada, Mr. Seth Mifetu at the Western Togoland Situation Room program of Trend Africa TV.
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Previous Resurfacing in the social media are a further education on the Western Togoland situation.

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